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I don't know how to handle myself.

For instance, often, I made a decision at noon while don't realize it in the afternoon.

I used to speak to myself that you should keep on, do all you can do to achieve your goal.

Nevertheless, things always don't turn out the way I had expected.

Frustrated, right?

Something must be wrong with my character - -

If I still maintain this situation, then, how can I face my dream?

Oh, my gosh! I'm too ashamed yet disappointed with myself!

What's more, even though I do sit down to do my study, frequently, can't concentrate my mind to it!!!

What's wrong with me? I couldn't help asking myself again and again.

But, still, appearantly, no answer.(If I had foung it, I could have modified it soon)

All that I have known is GS won't need a person like you!!! TAT