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Still rainy day...Oh, Gosh! When will it be sunny? I'm really tired of rain!>0<

The reasons are as follows

1.These humid rainy days always depress me!

When I was 17 or 18, I madly loved rainy days which I regarded as the most romatic days just next to snowy days. The temperature is low, no sweat, no sun, and everything is just comfortable with the wind~

But things have changed yet. In these rainy days I can't help feeling moody. And what's more,it is because it's raining outside, so that I had to be kept in the room without going anywhere that makes me crazy!

2.Damp clothes can't be dry in time!

It's apparently that you can't be one-clothes-a-day in these rainy days...For instance, I haven't changed my clothes for 4 days!! Gosh, it's almost approached my limitation yet...

All in all, I hate rainy days! Hate! Hate! Hate!!!