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Did I forget? Or have I just overcome it?

Why did I give him a second chance? If it could be called "a chance"...

I should have always kept those miserable feelings he used to give in my mind.

Anxiety, upset, sadness...Quite a lot of negative moods while mixed with a little sweet sense...

Aren't those to be enough reasons to reject his occasional kindness?

Now those disgusting feeling have come back, which I really hate most!

While, I have to admit that he does have some weird influence upon me, and always have...

But, still, I've realized that holding on one thing that has passed yet will slow down my pace for pursuing a promising future.

And maybe, that's exactly why I chose to leave him at that time.

There's also one point which I should learn that maybe I don't love him.

What makes me think I've been falling love with him is just a mistake.

I don't understand him, and so does he.

The person I thought I was in love with is not the real one in front of me.

He just showed the charming part of his character, and I framed the rest by my own imagination...

Ridiculous, huh?

But girls always incline to make mistakes like this.

so, to summaries, I really need to make a specific decision, totally forget him, and get a new start!

Well, still, I hope that he could find his most cherished beloved in the end.

I have to say, he's a nice person to some extent, but not the right one for me.

Sunny day forever~ :)