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God is merciful....

Really, yesterday was such a WONDERFUL and UNBELIEVABLE day of my life. I sat for my LLB first year exams in the month of May, and I came out wondering about my results.
First of all, to say that I do not have faith in God is something quite untrue, but the challenge of faith really comes in when I faced with the “faith circumstances”. My total so call faith was somehow defeated when I need to admit that there is no way I can pass my exams. At least not in human’s logical point of view.
Yes, indeed yesterday was the released of my LLB results. I kept myself busy the whole afternoon just to escape from the nervousness and fear that I was having. This thing about failing my exams had haunted my mind for the past 3 months.
When I submitted my request for my results, I was telling God that I will face my defeats. ‘What is failing exam? I can always retake again’, this is what I was trying to comfort myself. But I promised God that I will make testimonies if I pass my exams.
God never fails. God is faithful and merciful. God is all wonders and powerful!!!!! My legs were all weak and my heart was all worried and sorrow when I was waiting for my “bad news”. The moment I received my results, I was in total shocked and amazements. I passed all! Even the subjects that I can never thought that I could pass!!! I was so thankful to God and tears of joy and feeling of total gratitude was I there, looking up upon God and thank Him.
I was reminded that 2 Hours before I receive my results, I told God that with man something is impossible, but with God all things are possible…….