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Haiz.... What happen when my previous company had given me alot of bad feedbacks and yet now I am trying to go back?? Why am I so stupid to go back?? What if I tell you I have got no choice??

She asked me to go back to work on 13th, but as usual not with a good tone..

I do not know which part of me had offended her, but one thing Im sure
of, she really doesnt sound much good to me.

I want to let you know that actually im not really happy about the
offer. You may think that im ego, but i really dont feel well to go
back there..

I prayed for another company, and I thought its the end of it, cause I
would be happy to go there at least.

But it seems that God wants to place me in XXX, and I
really received it as a shock and trembles.

I have to leant something this trip. I know. That is why Im still there.

I asked of you to pray for me, ask God to give me wisdom and
strength to face her everyday. Im really confused. I dont know what to
ask God for.. really

Let me be humble an learn..
God... I need you....
Honey, I need you too....
Just join other company....working happy is better than working money....
2011-06-08 08:07:18
Anthony Lim
Yes...=) Thanks...
2011-06-09 17:47:25