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Ancient Art of Mexico

An origin at the Olmec people,The
stone becomes face, that face completely solidified a mystery. We will be gone,
and it will forever go down. Around its ever-changing it from far away at the
same time is near at hand, however, watching us. This is because there is a
gulf, that death us apart. Mexico stones have supreme fixity, although we do
not know these stones on eternal things: what conscious gaze? We are here, the
sculptor who had Hebei Figure the life eternal, that go beyond the life of
death; them there, in Mexico, stone eternal death, that go beyond the death of
life.wholesale oil
paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingdecorate painting They carved handling, it appears that in contrast with our
engraving intent; say in this scale, it's the language we can not understand.
In fact, a Westerner, a dream life eternal Westerners, how can we understand
such a view? This point of view: the death only resides in eternity, and only
death and obtain its still the same eternal balance, in order to make life
movement. For Europeans, those of Mexico's avatar is both confusing people, is
terrible, because the Europeans do not know a balanced feelings burst out from
the charm and terror and a "terrorist" Happy; When The ordinary eyes
when watching these stones, such feelings and joy on the stones. Indeed, the
history and legends to make people see art from Mexico in a terrible scene: a
team of team for killing the festival with the prisoners, dolphin Ripper dug
out of the heart, a picture of the surface of the nerve ceremony stripped and
Those who sacrifice those bloody skin beaded with priests. These are undoubted,
but the celebration cruel conqueror (refers to the occupation of Mexico and
Peru in the sixteenth century Spanish colonizers - Annotation) is not less than
these; cross mark spread terror than in A Zi Teke eyes of the gods is
staggering. The passage of time to quell these disappeared celebration only an
empty shell: This can not fill the emptiness unfathomable doubt. The emptiness
......, published this emptiness talk, are contrary to, are meaningless. Can be
explained better to talk about reality, the reality of this art. In this art,
and diverse, and indifference: the eyes are severe, and is just. So, we will be
able to find an expression in our language; expression in other cases, will
make us feel strange and incomprehensible. Dating and Religion 
oil paintingoil paintingoil painting reproductionsColumbus discovered the New World before the Mexican art,
experienced a time we have not much idea lasted thousands of years of
evolution. 11,000 years ago, human fossil remains have been found, but it was a
period of human ignorance, barely known relics of research dating back to 1500
BC. From this period, called a pre-classical era to about the first century BC,
its main feature is the same with all the other civilized. This period is
divided into a lower stage "or" ancient stage (1500 BC to 1100 BC),
"intermediate stage" or "transitional stage" (before 1100
to 600 years) and "advanced stage" or "late stage" (600
years to 100 years). Then the classical era (100 BC to AD 900), and
post-classical era (about 900 to 1300). The history of the period is relatively
short (1300-1521), that is roughly the equivalent of the Aztec Empire.
Spaniards abandoned boat in 1521, boarded the New World; former Mexico became
New Spain (in 1810 it again won independence complex known as Mexico).
Pre-classical era begins with the development of agriculture;
"formation" period, during which all sections of society are
established, and founded a religion, this religion has become increasingly
complex future. Ultimately, this religion is the worship day basis. All
agricultural society to varying degrees the day statue to God, but the Mexicans
confused this concept to improve to the point to be added. Mexicans believe
that the day is not an abstraction, but with the space associated with them -
the single entity, the entity, in accordance with a people can not control but
can make the continuation of rhythm, constantly generate growth , die, and then
generate. No one, the day may disappear - so both need to understand it, they
need to worship it. In order to recognize the day, the Mexicans invented
astronomy, text and various calculation methods; Mexicans develop a ritual To
enshrine the day, held a ritual, and create art. Therefore, the law of the day
is etched in stone calendar above, this stone almanac calculation accuracy (at
least the Mayans so) than our almanac; Therefore, the face of the gods by means
of stones, became this: existing stone with the form, and this form of
preserved. Its against the movement of life beyond death still worship opposites
together, the ritual must face before make life and death, re-establish a
balance between moving and stationary. However, in order to worship day, there
must be a large number of both the knowledge and the power of the priests. The
priest group formed by former classical era, it ruled the entire classical era,
it is also this group called theocratic Group. After theocratic Group fading
gradually relegated to a warrior under. Religions mighty explain the various
cultures in Mexico most Canaanite One of the features: in the classical era
(Teotihuacan other than) those huge center is not some big cities, but some
places of worship, people go there just to attend religious services. We see
those huge pyramids was not magnificent building, but some of the base of the
temple word fills the momentum of the majestic make people gathered at the
people around them, immersive day environment: just later, to the Mayans and
Aztecs era, some religious centers have people living. Today, these magnificent
pyramid just does not exist was a nondescript model. But the time has
solidified its on its only stone tools, and the Mexicans carved pyramid eternal
illusion evidenced.The culture of the pre-classical erawholesale oil paintingoil paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingdecorate paintingThe main place of those studies have been conducted Mexico valley阿尔波利奥, Saka but Branch and Tela Di
Marco. We can only study of the pottery (utensils and portrait) and a fairly
rudimentary stone tools to understand the ancient stage. Vessel then is monochrome,
engraved with geometric patterns as decoration; clay people like made with
"paste method", the the upcoming clay and Ni Wan paste in adobe on
top, into various parts of the face, or become clothing. The portraits are many
different kinds (eg, male, female, old, young, dancers, acrobats, etc.), but
neither portraits nor statues, which may be made in accordance with the
singular intent associated with the worship of fertile works. From 1100 BC, the
development of various technologies fairly rapidly, and changing; decorative
pottery screen black, red, white, yellow and other colors, the performance of
animals also increased, birds, fish, frogs, turtles, snakes , porcupines, dogs.
The carved stone has been carved jade, spar, red, stone. Estimated that the sky
phenomena related religious ceremonies. Priests may gradually replace the
shaman, starting from the sixth century BC, the priests of the expanding role,
resulting in a complete structure of social organization. During this period,
the pre-classical era culture found in astronomy and literature; undoubtedly,
architectural art development, but was wearing materials such as wood, stucco,
and we still feel strange. Found in Figure Wacker Sark high remnants of the
people on the platform in accordance with a certain mode architecture; huge
pyramid of the classical era and the development of this model.wholesale oil paintingThe culture of the Pacific coast Culture is the culture stage of
ancient Mexico unite people understand the least. These cultures was the
development of the region, including today Sinaloa, Nayarit, Ke Lima, Jalisco,
rice Michoacan and other states, as well as part of Guanajuato and Guerrero.
Chubby melon Luo Obviously in these areas was a major center of pottery of the
region is the most beautiful in Mexico, because of its various forms; color
changes and colorful decorative - it uses geometric patterns and nature of
biological pattern, such as frogs, butterflies hands and faces of the people.
Portrait of a lot of hard stone carvings found in the state of Guerrero, has a
very expressive. Those other places, has not been carried out in-depth
exploration and research work, but this huge mystery is always established in
the 13th century by Tara Trask Michoacan Kingdom. Tara Trask craftsmen making
pottery and gold and silver utensils, they speak the language, and Mexico all
other languagesdo not have any
similarities, people are exploring their language of origin. Olmecs This nation
is living on the Great Plains of the Gulf Coast, especially in these scenic
places the Tres Sapo Benitez and pull Venda, very little understanding of the
people of this nation, but that the great cultures of the classical era, such
as Taxin, Teotihuacan, Maya and Zapotec cultures are formed under its
influence. This nation about the end of the first classical era reached its
heyday, but because it did not leave a magnificent building, it is far from
being able to determine its exact age. The the Olmec invented brick, creating
hieroglyphs, developed almanac and calculations, and also to create a sculpture
art in Mexico. They carve huge stones, these stones is by sea transported from
distant quarries.oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingwholesale oil painting The most amazing is the huge avatar of up to 3 meters and weighs 18
tons. Have realistic characteristics of these showed almost spherical singular
Avatar: flat nose, lips hypertrophy thick cheeks, however their humble
appearance, because their expression changes with the light, sometimes smiling,
sometimes showing a pair of cold and grim look. These works, as well as those
steles, sarcophagi, altars, statues and cylindrical show Olmec sculptors are
skilled skills, they carved jasper Portrait its not low approach. It was found
that these portraits mouth hypertrophy, sensual. Mouth joints were tested
within the song-like, which is one of the characteristics of Olmec art. Another
characteristic is: Where engraving portraits are men, though it was nudity is
the usual technique of expression, but these portraits genitals are rarely
manifested. The Olmecs especially happy performance deformities, such as
humpback dwarf, obese children. No doubt, these bizarre portrait has an
incredibly strange, they retain an independent surprising inspiring its own
significance in any case. Hideous face of those the leopard of God (especially
carving jade ax for the ceremony), often mixed and faces; Shoumian laminated
surface of the people, they face various parts of the combination of an
approximate Therefore, the Olmec art from realism toward abstraction
transition. It seems that the Olmec people think that everything has to be
manifested on the face, facet and eyes are kept the existence of time. Due to
the form given by the sculptor's hands, stones with angry noble still and
movement together, so that the performance of the two aspects of the universe
contradictory, and this conflict is also here been resolved.