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Development and Prospect of Chinese realistic painting

originated in Europe, the earliest was introduced to China in the Ming Dynasty.
At that time,decorative painting  the western part of the
missionaries actively join the Catholic the expeditionary East expansion
activities, they in Missionary process, intentionally or unintentionally to
Western science and culture was introduced into China. Followed also in this
period as the painting of the main branch of the Western art is passed. But
slow time feudal and backward society, painting in the development of that era.
Began painting in China, widely disseminated by the influence of the New
Culture Movement at the end of the Qing Dynasty, a large number of young
patriots, eager to get rid of the traditional repressed and shackles, looking
for a new ways to save the national painting growing peril, so a strong passion
for painting full They traveled to Europe and the United States and Japan and
other countries to learn to accept this new form of painting the influence of
the introduction to the domestic oil painting techniques, introduced oil
painting everyone and their theories, greatly facilitate and expand the spread
and impact of oil painting in China. After a short period of 100 years, the
painting is rooted in China and gradually become the main force of an art. oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingRealist painting as an art form,
is the main part of the painting in the formation and development process, to
occupy a major position in the history of the development of European painting.
Realist painting since the Renaissance, after classicism, romanticism, realism,
impressionism and modern art of various genres and enduring, can be said that
the most important expression of the form with the core European painting.
Chinese painting, printmaking, sculpture and other art forms, painting good at
subtle characterization of the images. Sense of volume and space because of its
object-oriented sense of rich colors, and strong performance, and therefore,
the pursuit of authenticity, a true realist form of depicting objects of the
objective things as painting a big advantage. Shangyi said: "learning
painting, not to learn it realistic equal lost the most important things."
decorative paintingChinese realist painting the earliest dating back to the Ming and
Qing Dynasties, good at realism painting, then the emperor will phase oil
painting for himself singing the praises for the imperial pleasure and
Wenzhiwugong services, there were a lot of foreign missionaries painter sat in
the office portrait emperor cultural civil and military ministers. Under their
influence and training, the bulk of Chinese painting students.decorative
paintingAfter the Revolution, to
learn the advanced technological culture, and science to serve the country,
Saving the Country thirst for truth and ambition of youth in this period. There
are many artists have studied in Japan and Europe, they can be said to be a
pioneer of Chinese painting. From their work, we can easily find most of their
research areas remain realistic oil paintings. Xu Beihong's most far-reaching
impact in these people. In 1928, he learned after returning, they go for the
cause of art education, quickly established to follow the principle of realism,
loyal to the objective description of the foundation for arts education. Xu
Beihong's basic artistic thought is developed on a realisticdecorative
paintingbasis from traditional to
track, due to the deep impact of the French School in education, decided to
follow the principles of realism, loyal to the objective description of the
artistic direction of education. He stressed that learning from nature and
basic training, training a batch after batch has a realistic foundation art
talent, the formation of arts education in China Xu Beihong system, no doubt
realistic oil paintings, oil paintings of this period mainly.Anti-Japanese War,
the Fine Arts National Salvation Movement and realistic art go hand in hand.
Due more likely to reflect the reality of realist painting, use the majority of
the War of Resistance Against Japan posters and thematic creation is realistic
oil paintings.decorative paintingAfter the liberation, realistic oil paintings by the attention of
the Communist Party of China, also welcomed and loved by artists of all ages
and the majority of the viewer. Ai Zhongxin, as participants and witnesses of
the China Academy of Fine, described in a memoir written in 1989 after the
founding of New China oil painting situation: fine arts leaders that formed
realism in painting this painting tool skills ( better than other kinds of
painting including drawing basic skills),decorative
paintingstrong performance depicting
real life, many people believe that this feature of the painting is the public
is able to understand and willing to accept, and therefore conducive
popularity. "The late 1970s to the early 1980s, the golden age of
development of realist painting, and the emergence of a large number of
outstanding realistic oil paintings, Luo Zhongli's "father"
ChenDanQing "Tibetan Group Paintings" Duoling "spring wake up
"and other works have been brought forth as a symbol.hand
painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting
reproductionsAfter the reform and opening
up, some of the major media and publishing houses, some liberal art historians
and theorists have large quantities recommended, introduction, evaluation of
modernist art in the West, to reprint their album, the description and
evaluation of their development process give their work published, great
occlusion after the environment in China, the domestic oil painting by the
former Soviet Union, the emergence of realist painting domination. Introduction
of modern Western art in China, the language of painting becomes rich, and the
flowers are blooming, a hundred schools of thought contend "the situation.
Chinese painting thriving fortunate situation.Realist painting had had a
glorious past, into the next decade, however, the status and influence of
realist painting by a certain degree of weakening. Chinese painters began to be
widely accepted modern art in the West, some oil painters could not grasp the
real core of the traditional art of their own nation, impatient, quick success,
they draw some of the so-called avant-garde contemporary works, as well as
people engage in device behavior thinking that it can only be with the
international standards. Also think painting realistic is the concept behind.
In such an environment, the status of realist painting has been shaken, almost
in an edge, is the transformation of the state. Some claimed: "realist
painting will soon perish."decorative
paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingRealist painting really decline? In this regard, we have absolutely
no need to worry. Realist painting in the West over the past few centuries has
made brilliant achievements, display strong artistic vitality. But the painting
to enter China only a few hundred years, in fact, the knowledge and
understanding of the people of the oil painting is still very superficial.
Historical accumulation of hundreds of years of Western painting is not a short
period of time we will be able to digest, she says, we must embrace an open
mind, and a serious attitude stop and painstaking research. The development of
our time soon, so some people think that the realist painting adapt and meet
the aesthetic needs of the general public, they think that the painting should
be modern and avant-garde art form with a lot of fashion, their departure from
the traditional way to innovation. This idea is actually wrong, they forget to
review and study traditional can also get a new inspiration and nourishment to
open new avenues. Engage in the arts, not only requires passion and
imagination, more pragmatic spirit, fell when accumulated experience to solve
another practical problems. "A society can not be a lack of promoting
artistic innovation ideology, expanding the range of artistic expression., But
thousands of years of art experience tells us: artistic creation focusing on
accumulation, innovation is a gradual process." Seems to us today, Western
history of realist painting is still a classic, showing the classic stuff will
never become obsolete, and more will not perish.decorative
paintingAs the local painters should
be based on China's national conditions, should not chase the trend of the
world. Because artists always inevitably during the creation by the background
of his life, the environment, he received education, cultural traditions, and
political morality, science, religion, the impact and constraints, so his way
of thinking, moral values, life The habit is inevitable with the
characteristics of the times. East and West are very different in ideology, way
of thinking, which requires us to not blindly follow the example of some of the
Western avant-garde contemporary works, according to their own spiritual needs
should be down-to-earth to create a group of works that reflect the ethnic
connotation.decorative paintingSome domestic realist painting classical masters have to achieve
the ultimate, there is no need to do it again, now is not the pursuit of a
high, but has introduced a new form of time. Indeed, social progress, art
create the need to adapt to the development of the times. However, we can not
be as realistic oil paintings by the masters to the extreme not to do it, we
can not be intimidated by the works of masters. Nothing is absolute, like
recorded sports events again and again to break and be refreshed again and
produce a new record. Realist painting is the same reason, things are moving
forward, as long as our efforts, the works of masters nor is it can not go
beyond. In addition, the continuous development of society will give a
realistic painting new material and nutrients, as well as source of creativity
and inspiration, so as to provide a new impetus to the development and space
realist painting. Artists observational study and performance from a higher
starting point for the development of the reality, given their own works of an
era and the personality characteristics. Realist painting the road is long and
endless.decorative paintingRealist painting is painting the basis of the teaching system. We
note that in the fine arts college or university for fine arts in painting
realistic fewer students realistic ability to diminish the painting from art
institutions graduates Graduation Exhibition glimpse of the obvious. Their
paintings are "avant-garde", "modern", or exaggerated
deformation, short variety, dazzling. Of course, we should encourage the
diversity of artistic styles, but a lot of people painting abstract or
exaggerated deformation works is not to say that they like painting, the main
reason is a they draw bad realist, and were escaping. Realist painting requires
that you have a solid sketch foundation requirements to complete the full
factors sketches, colors, composition, image, black and white, gray and other
processing, color and have good basic skills. Now very impetuous, rarely stop
and to solve some basic problems. In fact, realistic oil paintings with high
technical content, the need to spend a lot of time to learn to master.oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingNational Art Exhibition oil
painting from the Two winning entries can be pleased to see the Gold Medal
works are invariably realist works, such as the Ninth Art Exhibition cooled
Army "pentagram", Wang sword "Poseidon Adventure", the
Tenth Art Exhibition Xin Dongwang "breakfast", the status and value
of realistic painting in oil painting regain the people's identity.
2005, Chen Yifei, Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong jointly established the
"realist school of painting, which also marked the realist painting appeared
in the form of groups public, many Chinese painters teamed realist painting
push to a new height. As Ai Xuan said, "China is now the highest level of
realism painting is definitely walking in the forefront of the world, have the
highest level ...decorative paintinga lot of Westerners to China to of our realist paintings are
surprised, they imagine not old Oriental someone Western art to the extreme.
"the collective strength of the Chinese realistic painting is the best
response to the so-called" realist painting perish 'realist painting not
only will not perish, on the contrary, realist painting would have been healthy
development go