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European painting gone through several stages in the painting before the

Mr. Ba Jin and Zhu Guangqian
Mr. da Vinci in the 1930s, "The Last Supper" is not painting in the
fierce battle in the press. Mr. Zhu Guangqian painting, Mr. Ba Jin said:
"There was simply no modern oil paints. European painting was introduced
to China has developed into modern painting stage,
style realism paintingso a lot of people often have a misconception that Western
paintings are oil painting. In the West, especially in ancient Europe, painting
is not never there. The real painting, which currently has only 500 years of
history, and the previously Europe had experienced ancient gouache painting,
wax tempera, mosaics, frescoes, dry mural, tempera painting, tempera and oil
painting mixed techniques long historical changes. After the 16th century, the
modern meaning of the painting gradually matured. European painting since
ancient times, the use of gelatin and vegetable gum.www.oilpaintingproducer.comEggs as a
protein gel, in ancient Greece, the Roman era is widely used. The initial color
of egg yolk mixed with sugar, honey or fig juice increase the stickiness.
Ancient encaustic fire beeswax melted transferred pigment still hot painted
walls or wood, can be multi-layered overlapping, also solidified scuffing
modified, and finally polished.the style realism paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingdecorate paintingPrevailed in the Byzantine Empire, the Eastern Roman mosaics, is
held together with colored stones, pottery, enamel sink and glass, and more
used to decorate the church. Frescoes are pre-mixed with lime sand to prepare a
time unfinished walls, while the ash layer is dry coloring, the pigment
penetrate lime, dried to form solid calcium carbonate surface conducive to the
color of the long-term attachment. Dry murals coloring in the dry stucco on the
bottom, in the 4th century AD to the 13th century medieval murals retained
basically dry mural. "The Last Supper" neither painting nor dry
murals, frescoes.the style realism painting Leonardo da Vinci is the use of a plus the oil emulsion adhesive
reconcile pigment techniques tempera technique system belongs to the prevalence
of the beginning of the 13th century in Italy. Tempera in the history of
Western painting is a special wide-ranging impact of the kind of painting.
Eventually, though there is a painting, but still the tempera material as the
underlying shape, and then dyed to the the painting transparent method cover.
hand painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting