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Medieval Art

January 8, 2010 Artists
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Generally between 5 to 15th
century Western art, including Byzantine art, Ireland - Saxon and Viking Art
Otto of Fine Arts, Fine Art Carolingian, Romanesque Fine Arts and Gothic art.
Early Christian Art is sometimes classified as the medieval fine arts. These
colorful art constitutes an important part of the process of European art.oil paintingwww.oilpaintingproducer.comMedieval art is one of the special manifestations of Western
culture. It changed the tradition of Greek art, Roman art, and gradually formed
its own form and content system development, a special form of the performance
of a specific period of people's lives, ideas, thoughts, feelings. Overall,
belonging to the Christian medieval Fine Arts Fine Arts. As a form of
expression of religion and theology, this art does not focus on the realistic
depiction of the objective world, and stressed that the performance of the
so-called spiritual world. For this reason, it is often an exaggeration,oil paintingdistortion, change the real space sequences tactics to achieve
strong performance. The characteristics of this total, there are significant
differences between the various styles of medieval Fine Arts. Byzantine Fine
Arts for its the oriental decorative and abstraction with European art division
its own system, has always maintained its independence in 1000 development
Ireland - Saxon and Viking Art, Fine Arts Otto Carolingian Fine Arts, the
Romanesque Fine Arts and Gothic art are different forms in different periods of
European art and art history, have their own unique style in possession of its
a seat position.oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingdecorate paintingimpression paintingmodern paintingabstract paintingThe construction of a high
degree of development of the greatest achievements of medieval art. In the
Middle Ages, the various forms of religious buildings around a large number of
construction. As a historical monument many Byzantine churches, Romanesque
churches, Gothic church of high achievement in the arts and engineering design.
With the construction of the cathedral, sculptures, mosaics, murals also
obtained in the different periods of the different forms of prosperity;
excellent carvings and paintings of medieval artists including mosaic paintings
created out both inside and outside the cathedral. Illustration and a variety
of small art is also an important part of medieval art, they had considerable
prosperity in the Middle Ages.Due to theoil paintinginfluence of Renaissance realism art view, the fine arts of the
Middle Ages had not been in a very long period of time, people fully
understand, and even referred to as the "Dark Ages" and be denied.
From the beginning of the 19th century, Western historians began to
re-understanding and evaluation of the medieval Fine Arts. In the 20th century,
medieval Fine Arts to become one of the focus of the study of art history. Many
modern art historyoil paintingscholars from different angles,
using different methods, in-depth observation and interpretation of a variety
of medieval art style. Their research more fully reveal the fine arts are
unique medieval aesthetic characteristics of the status and significance in the
history of the development of Western