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On heavy color painting Chinese wind

painting is now popular in the world for hundreds of years, while the incoming
Middle-earth less than a hundred years,modern painting generations of Chinese oil painters struggling in the quest and
explore the path of development of the Nationalization of oil painting.
"The nation is the world," the national character have worldwide,
this truth is well known, but the painting is an exotic species, we want her to
become the nation may be not so easy. Chinese artists almost every day in
chanting the so-called Chinese and Western, how the culture of the East-West
fusion in order to achieve true integration? What is painting Chinese elements?
Five thousand years of Chinese culture can best promote the painting Chinese
localization development the core? painting is the world's artistic language,
but the oil painters Why Chinese characteristics to emphasize? This series of
problems plaguing the generations of Chinese oil painters, we must face these
problems, to seek, to seek the best answer. 
oil paintingoil paintingoil painting China today is already a big country fully internationalized, open
China to foreign art held by a broad and generous heart, as early as two
thousand years ago, gave birth to the world-famous Dunhuang art on the Silk
Road in China, she is Chinese Chronicles artists compatible and absorb foreign
art model, Dunhuang frescoes color Picture Art, is the Eastern and Western art
of Chinese painting since the Tang Han fusion out of the collision of a Chinese
painting wonderful. But the development of China's color Picture today, already
facing the development of the bottles tibia, due to the limitations of color
Picture material and performance tools, and manifestations, leading to a lot of
color Picture advantages become disadvantages, such as the highly decorative
color Picture plane effect, lines, etc. would have an advantage, but due to the
limitations of the material, a serious impact on the the color Picture
expressive play. This is the urgent reform of the Chinese color Picture. But
the Chinese the Heavy Colored should be where to go, and this is the major
problem we face.
modern paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
oil painting to have entered China has decades of history, but with foreign oil
painting, Chinese painting started hundreds of years later, our Chinese oil
painters How can I get in line and the world, is a major issue in front of us
extra lessons for Chinese oil painters terms is inevitable, the generations of
Chinese oil painters in painting inroads in China, making up, extra lessons
while artists are also thinking about how to make a painting to take root in
China, but painting in the West after centuries of development, the endless
variety of styles and genres, every oil painter Western efforts to create their
own unique style,modern paintingand our Chinese oil painters want to be inserted in the middle of a
seam is easier said than done and we Chinese do not know that the painting
should go in what direction, what is the painting of Chinese elements Chinese
elements found that Chinese oil paintings have a direction, with the direction
there is a hope that after ten years of research, I and creative practice
painting system in China, Dunhuang frescoes heavy color painting is the most
representative of the level of Chinese painting and is a kind of painting and oil
painting color closest, in the form of heavy color painting is diverse color
meticulous Modern Colored heavy colors and freehand. Chinese oil painters
painting in the national development process, in efforts to explore a variety
of development direction. Some painters painting to painting Chinese minority,
they think that wearing the clothing of the Chinese minority, there are Chinese
characteristics, the same foreigners can put on Chinese ethnic clothing, but
does not thereby become Chinese; there some painting home painting to painting
ink painting,modern paintingreplaced by painting material, but the picture effect of Chinese
painting, is not essentially fused or painting characteristics; addition, some
oil painter pure style in imitation of the Western masters, which nor
desirable. Is particularly worth mentioning is that the so-called oil painter
painting decorative painting, is replaced by painting material, but it is not
what is essentially the difference between the original decorative painting, is
a new name, the final effect original decorative painting. I think that the
fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, not integration or imitate techniques,modern paintingit should be the fusion of soul, spirit and blood. Can not find such
examples in our reality, for example, the bond between man and man, the
combination between the different races, their combined offspring is a
half-breed, the half-breed may appear like we unexpected This is typical fusion
of soul and blood crystallization. My heavy color painting is a yellow skin of
newborns and other color, he inherited the best genes of the parents, may look
more like a father, there are likely to grow more like a mother, but he is not
his father or mother, he is an independent personality of the individual, he
grow up to be more than his parents. This is heavy color painting the best
image of the metaphor, he is not re-color and oil paintings of the simple sum,
not oil painting to painting heavy color, he is re-color and oil painting soul
fusion crystal, heavy color painting suction focus on color and painting two
large breasts, robust the growth of the half-breed.modern paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes painting The fusion of heavy color painting, our Chinese oil paintings to
the world a breakthrough and large frame, but it is not constantly on the
shoulders of these two giants of contemporary painting all of the elements,
heavy color painting standing heavy color painting absorption toward the poles,
structure of heavy color painting, while precipitation installed inside the
essence of art in China five thousand years, which include character, courage,
spirit and soul of the Chinese people, as well as the culture of the 56 ethnic
groups in China, including the folk art , poetry, calligraphy, religious,
ethnic music, etc., are the development of heavy color painting inexhaustible
source of inexhaustible, of course, in the meantime, we can absorb the essence
of the other kinds of painting in the world art world to plump heavy color
painting itself position, so that the half-breed grew up glamorous attitude of
hand painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting reproductions
animals paintinglandscapes
Pavel Tretyakov was not only
a devout art lovers, the excellence of fine art collectors, but also an
ideological emancipation enlightened gentry. He not only verbally endorsed the
Tour Painting art practice, but also to give them a lot of material and
spiritual support. The Pavel side visited roving Painting artists organized the
exhibition, the acquisition side, ordering those who reflect the Russian real
life works. It was with the help of "Concert Pavel touring artists,
creative passion was only lit again and again, and greatly enhance their social
status, and to expand its work in the community. Russian society was, Which
painters can be Tretyakov Gallery collection, it means that won high honors;
able to collect a large number of epoch-making significance for the Tretyakov
Gallery, Tour painters also is a point of pride.impression
paintingWander in
the Tretyakov Gallery, one can see Repin's famous painting "Ivan the
Terrible and his son, describing the rage of Tsar Ivan IV token kill his
beloved son, heir to the throne tragedy. There is also a collection with
Surikov Guard before execution morning, the site completed in 1881, the works
depict the tragic episode of Peter the life of the richest, that is, in 1698 to
quell Guard mutiny the last moments before their execution. Screen, the Guards
heroic deaths, some in appease're about parting relatives, some Peter I glared
at the distant "jail term". Pathos and tragic scene, full of sublime
beauty.impression paintingTretyakov
Gallery collection Roving painter famous works there, Surikov's. "Female
the nobility Mo Luozuo baby", "Stepan Racine, Klum Nova Iraq"
Unknown Girl " "took Mahler farmers", Bi Luofu
"troika", Levitan of "small birch woods", "golden
autumn", Shishkin's "black wheat" Serov's "Girl and peach ,
the sunshine girls ".In addition, special Tretiakov Gallery also a large
number of celebrity portrait from roving painter Order, which includes not only
the writer Lev Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ostrovsky, Nie Kela Denisov
portrait, portrait anatomist Shapiro Goff, the composer Musuoerge Chomsky et
al.It can be said, without Tretyakov Gallery, Tour Painting brilliant; absence
of a traveling school of painting works, special column gallery season Yaakov's
status will also eclipsed. Become permanent pride of the Russian national art
and roving Painting historical origins, the Tretyakov
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