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On the sketch art style and the systematic education of realism

the sketch art style and the systematic education of realism

Abstract: sketching foundation courses in
the fine arts teaching, the need to establish a scientific system of
observation, understanding and performance in the form of system in teaching. To
this end, the teachers need to be targeted to train students to master the
basic knowledge and skills to ensure that students from the realism of the
training track and train students grasp the outline, focus on proportion, pay
attention to the integrity of, and eventually developed his own unique
performance style.
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Keywords: sketching teaching system to
establish the form and style

The classical French master painter Ingres
said: "sketch is pure art." Even Kampf small sketch, it should have a
sense of weight and works. 
oil painting
The works of the great masters of different
is a great difference in their style, if you analyze the works of masters will
be some sort of understanding, and sketches of each master has its own unique
style, such as in the performance of a human finger. ears unimportant part,
they can show a different kind of gesture. Famous Italian art critic Keogh
Varney Mo Qin keen to find out the true masters in the form of style
extraordinary works, to analyze his sketches of each master, even very minor
part in the works to hold before. He noted that the sketch of each master has
its unique place, this specificity is similar to the signature of their work,
as we can at the time of signing reflects featured some pen thicker, a pen some
small, some fonts round some skewed, and others crowded together the words
clearly express written handwriting - this is me, thus unwittingly demonstrated
the own style.
Whatever the style of the sketch, it is
consistent with the basic requirements, just sketch modeling have focused on
various elements of it. Sketch style and the form in order to form a variety of
ways, however, there is one of the most easy to be ignored, on the basis of
rigorous training, in accordance with the realist approach, based on the object
grasping contours caught proportion, always pay attention to the integrity,
thus forming Sketching unique style of expression.
To comply with the principles of realism,
the basic sketch teaching his works should be based on objective images with a
realistic approach, based on the specific knowledge and feelings, performance,
art of expressing the true feelings of the images under certain environment and
lighting specific images. Sketch the Training students on images cognitive
ability, observation ability, performance ability and aesthetic ability, he
must meet with the requirements of basic training, and master the basic
knowledge and skills. Also should guide the students based objective images,
real and show images, realistic approach to the performance of the images of
the true feelings. "In painting, we should pretend painting images not
know anything about, only to paint observed, should at least temporarily so
this trick is the works lifelike, close to reality, to understand painting
thing does not exist specific rules can understand this truth.① We will encounter this problem, we
painted was not "things" but lines, such lines is different from the
"elegant free and easy," the lines seem to the local actual overall
gradation, color blocks, color gamut ... ring ring connected to color sense
with the previous concept sketches not only pay attention to changes in light
and dark shades of past neglect of the physical changes, and therefore can not
shape the body . Reproduction paintings on paper in order to see the body, to
see things into a useful language, we call this language line language that
contains the angle, shape, color, and size. 
oil paintingoil
paintingoil paintingoil
Require sharp when painting, the proportion
of accurate to overcome specious way of modeling accurate guide to train
students in the learning process of strict style and realistic attitude.
Accurate mentioned here is not to say that in the first phase of the sketch
Xikou outline. I believe that the first stage can do playing contour
composition appropriate, accurate proportion, sharp points, the image is clear,
it should be said that the outline accurately. Should require students to
sketch in the training process, the constant contour at every stage, the
proportion is more accurate, in particular, do not yield to the contours, the
proportion of errors, the kind of knowingly wrong improvise trouble attitude is
very harmful. Always make the outline of the ratio are not allowed defects in
basic training, will not be able to obtain knowledge on the structure, not good
keen accurately show images feature will cause defects. All gifted painter has
one thing in common, that is accurate judgments eyes. Though not necessarily be
able to achieve the kind of genius painter style, the kind of elegant, kind of
skill, but it can be quite accurate. In fact, in sketch based training process
should have a proportion of accurate contour, because the accurate profile is
the key to improve the modeling ability.
The overall observation is the fundamental
law of the plastic arts, and its essence is to compare. The ability of students
to the images portrayed the entire control in their own sight, the ability to
take into account the overall processing local teachers need to continue
teaching tips and emphasize important aspects, to enable students to develop
consciously The overall observation of the habits. But this is not to say that
only emphasized the depth characterization of the overall and ignore local
details. Global and local unity of opposites relationship does not exist purely
"overall", the overall richness depends on the depth of local
portrayed. Overall - local - Overall, roughly like this as a sketch of the
entire process, but in-depth process that depict various local, naturally
formed many small stages. Should be required of students at each stage of the
exercises should be considered as a whole, and grasp of the overall adjustment
of the whole picture, each stage to stop the pen to a vivid painting. Grasp of
the overall terms of local, at a certain stage must be the main focus used to
portray images of integrated features, with specific images of wholeness only
improve the premise. Sketch exercise, do not adopt the approach of the
deformation, and in laying the foundation stage, "deformation" easy
to develop the habit of arbitrary, but we are not certain degree of exaggeration
and even artistically performance against some sketches of the images of the
structure. The so-called "art to express the guidance of general
trade-offs, strengthen weakened artistic treatment, write down the outline or
shape by observing the object, and then there is also the memory to draw it
down, in fact, can be seen as the painting without thinking about the process.
Painter, writer Frederick Frank, in his book "My eyes love" is such
an expression: "is to do hands like unquestioning seismograph remember something,
and its meaning but without understanding. less conscious personality
intervention painter, works for the more real, the more appropriate. "②
"Performance" refers to students
with subjective imagination and new discoveries continue to stir the desire of
performance, sparking similar creative passion. The student sketches training
not only to describe the phenomenon, but also art reproduction of the painting
is not only part of the images, but also constitutes an organic part of the
screen. Not only look at whether this part is to draw on, and will depend on
whether there are expressive. Performance is to pay attention to the lines, pay
attention to the black, white, gray, pay attention to generalize, pay attention
to the composition and organization of the screen should strive
Xingshenjianbei, like writing articles, pay attention to the literary grace
like drama as particular about the flavor. Performance sketches become creative
art activities, teachers should pay attention to play the personality characteristics
of students in teaching students by teachers, is not easy to ask them to do a
variety of styles, teachers can allow students from the "precise place
"" accurate proportion gradually spun off a "reasonable"
requirements such as exaggerated object important characteristics. In addition,
consider their emotions to show it by hand, draw their dynamic nature, the goal
is to paint with a way to express themselves, explore exaggerated proportion
method, the occasional indulgence, exaggerated some to find obvious feature
highlighting himself expression of the interaction between the emotion and the
object itself, This is the only way to stimulate the paint can. Teachers can
not require students style must be the same as their own, but should be properly
guided, training students with different personality with them to discuss
suitable for their own performance as well as the development direction, at the
same time, we must also remind them, in the basis of not lay the Do not overly
keen on the creation of the style. The guiding role of teachers is a major in
the teaching process, but the subjective feelings of the students also have a
very important role in expressive sketches. Subjective feelings derived from
objective images, key teachers to correctly guide the students learn how to
observe the images and processing screen. Observation is a conflicting rules
and observe, in accordance with the observation painting, which is the
so-called retention "pure vision."③
When not lay the foundation for the kind
dedicated to the pursuit of style, genre approach, it is appropriate to be
guided and corrected, to enable students to recognize that without a vigorous
basic skills as a basis, simply to pursue certain style, genre The practice is
detrimental. Because the students not only have the ability to depict shining
images, more importantly, to develop their understanding, memory and
imagination, to truly comprehensive modeling capabilities. In addition, the
teachers students painting outside effort "is necessary to correctly guide
and encourage students to have some extra-curricular knowledge: knowledge of
literature, aesthetics, history, so they learn more about the process of the
emergence and development of different sketches genre, as well as their ideas and
characteristics, so that enables students to broaden their knowledge, broaden
horizons, help to improve the level of performance.
oil paintingoil
paintingoil painting
Teaching of Modern Art, the sketch as a
basis for the plastic arts, more and more people's attention. The sketch of a
scientific system of teaching system that students will learn drawing, and can
form the distinctive characteristics in a relatively short period of time. The
sketch teaching new challenges for teachers' professional skills and teaching
methods, techniques and theory together only improve Sketching constantly
improve teaching methods and level, and to make our teaching have made great
progress, therefore also form a complete realism teaching system.