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Optical effects

January 8, 2010 Artists Editor:
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Also known as the Fine Arts Opp
Art Op Art, the rise in the West in the 1960s. Use this name in 1965, meaning
"visual effects".oil paintingThe light effect art is a form of abstract art with linear or
geometric patterns to create a special visual effects. The contrast between the
light and shade of each part, and sometimes they seem to be in sports or make
people feel the surface, the direction and size changes. Artists Vasari able to
use his of geometric optical effects art to create some illusion.wholesale oil paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingdecorate paintingAt that time, reaction art
exhibition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York eyes, a large
number of certain regular arrangement is made of corrugated or geometry the
screen caused sporty and light flashes, the optic nerve to produce the
phenomenon of optical effects in contact with the screen graphics and visual
magic effect . Artists resort to no strict boundaries between visual art and explore
the perceived psychological science to prove, using rigorous scientific design
can also activate the optic nerve,oil paintingvisual effects evoke and combine
into a visual image, to achieve the same with traditional painting moving
artistic experience. The Opp art precise and rigorous geometry schema instead.
This art at the same time the rise in Europe. The European places France the
painter V. Vasa Raleigh pioneer affected by Y. Agam, Israel, Venezuela, JR
Soto, Ye Laer, France, the UK BL Riley; pioneers of the United States J.
Albers, representative figure such as R. Aniusikai Horowitz.