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Russian Art

Russian State Tretyakov
Gallery, 2006 is an unusual year: May 22, she will celebrate their 150th
anniversary of the birthday of the year will be a total of 22 celebration
ensued; March 23-May 15, and 110 of the Tretyakov Gallery origin profound Klum
Nova Iraq, Repin, Shishkin, Levitan painting master realist oil painting meta
...oil painting The sea,
across the Moscow River with the Kremlin Museum, one of the greatest art
collections in Russia - Russian State Tretyakov Museum of Fine Arts. The
Tretyakov Gallery is located in
Fulu application alley a Russian pavilion building, Boya Er
(Russian nobility) of the highest level mansion style. Design by the painter
Viktor gas Niezuo Fu in 1902, in accordance with the form of a Russian fairy
tale in the Kremlin Wall Street, the new museum built in the 10th collection of
works of art in the Soviet Union, as well as the post-Soviet period.
impression paintingTretyakov Gallery has a
collection of 130,000 works from the 11th century to the 20th century,
including more than 40,000 pieces of 17th and 18th century Russian icon
painting, the works of the famous Russian painters of the 18th and 19th
centuries, as well as the Soviet-era painter. The original is a quiet side
street, but because of the existence of With galleries, art-loving people from
around the world every day (except Monday) here waiting in long queues.impression
family-owned linen and yarn, run through several textile enterprises. Family,
the most famous is the brother of Pavel (1832-1898) and Sergei (1834-1892).
Brother Pavel served Kostroma linen textile company manager, member of the
Council of the commercial banks in Moscow, Moscow concerned about the poor
Council and Art Association. In addition, he has also funded the start-up of
deaf children schools, sponsored by the painter as well as down and out in
Moscow painting,impression
paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingsculpture and architecture
school. Brother Sergei like to collect color paintings of Western Europe,
1877-1881, also served as the mayor of Moscow.In 1856, Pavel bought the first
batch of paintings, began to create a gallery career. In 1874, this private
museum open to the public, very popular. 1892 Pavel for the realization of the
common wish of his brother just died, two collections of more than 2,000 pieces
of art donated to the City of Moscow. October Revolution, a gallery Total
Exhibits 4000, Russian artist's painting and sculpture. June 3, 1918,impression
signed a decree "to Moscow Tretyakov Gallery National Museum", such
as the original Rumyantsev Museum and many private collections were
incorporated into the museum, to become Russia's first national Museum of Art.
Over a hundred years, the gallery expanded several times and continue to enrich
the collections and to become one of the largest Russian Museum of Fine Arts.
1991, exhibits increased to 55,000, covering almost all genres of Russian fine
art.decoration paintingoil paintingoil painting reproductionsThe decade from 1984 to 1994, the Tretyakov Gallery in maintenance
period. The end of 1994 to re-open. From the beginning of the eighteenth
century, the Russian art world filled with stale, conservative European
academic works. These works are often based on the legends and myths of
Christianity, style dull, complicated and flashy, his best cater to the rich
and powerful to the aesthetic taste of sensationalism, while paintings reflect
real life and the mob denounced as "dross".impression
paintingIn 1861,
Russia has experienced the impact of the liberation of the serfs, awakened the
consciousness of the general public. Enlightenment thinkers Belinsky,
Chernyshevsky and other people "Beauty is Life" and "Art is a
reflection of reality" aesthetic point of view and critique the creative
principles of realism, a group of young artists reflect Russia people's lives,
to expose and criticize the artistic practice of feudal serfdom. In 1863, gold
medal contest held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg student
oil paintings. Participants need to follow the the mythological subjects
specified by the school authorities in accordance with the provisions of
creation. Klum Nova Iraq 14 outstanding graduates fresh Participants have the
right to freedom of choice, after being rejected by the demonstrators to leave
the Academy of Fine Arts. 1870, Klum Nova Iraq, Bi Luofu, cover set up roving
exhibitions Arts Association, and hold regular exhibitions. Tour Painting from
the organization of the first art exhibition in 1871, until 1923, held a total
of 48 exhibition, and create up to two or three decades heyday. The roving
exhibitions Arts Association member is almost mostly from the St. Petersburg
Academy of Fine Arts, but are opposed to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts,
detached from reality, legalistic famous conservative painter, also known as a
"traitor".oil paintingoil paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
Pavel Tretyakov was not only
a devout art lovers, the excellence of fine art collectors, but also an
ideological emancipation enlightened gentry. He not only verbally endorsed the
Tour Painting art practice, but also to give them a lot of material and
spiritual support. The Pavel side visited roving Painting artists organized the
exhibition, the acquisition side, ordering those who reflect the Russian real
life works. It was with the help of "Concert Pavel touring artists,
creative passion was only lit again and again, and greatly enhance their social
status, and to expand its work in the community. Russian society was, Which
painters can be Tretyakov Gallery collection, it means that won high honors;
able to collect a large number of epoch-making significance for the Tretyakov
Gallery, Tour painters also is a point of pride.impression
paintingWander in
the Tretyakov Gallery, one can see Repin's famous painting "Ivan the
Terrible and his son, describing the rage of Tsar Ivan IV token kill his
beloved son, heir to the throne tragedy. There is also a collection with
Surikov Guard before execution morning, the site completed in 1881, the works
depict the tragic episode of Peter the life of the richest, that is, in 1698 to
quell Guard mutiny the last moments before their execution. Screen, the Guards
heroic deaths, some in appease're about parting relatives, some Peter I glared
at the distant "jail term". Pathos and tragic scene, full of sublime
beauty.impression paintingTretyakov
Gallery collection Roving painter famous works there, Surikov's. "Female
the nobility Mo Luozuo baby", "Stepan Racine, Klum Nova Iraq"
Unknown Girl " "took Mahler farmers", Bi Luofu
"troika", Levitan of "small birch woods", "golden
autumn", Shishkin's "black wheat" Serov's "Girl and peach ,
the sunshine girls ".In addition, special Tretiakov Gallery also a large
number of celebrity portrait from roving painter Order, which includes not only
the writer Lev Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ostrovsky, Nie Kela Denisov
portrait, portrait anatomist Shapiro Goff, the composer Musuoerge Chomsky et
al.It can be said, without Tretyakov Gallery, Tour Painting brilliant; absence
of a traveling school of painting works, special column gallery season Yaakov's
status will also eclipsed. Become permanent pride of the Russian national art
and roving Painting historical origins, the Tretyakov