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Spectroscopy Art

8, 2010 Artists Editor: jiping heat: 0
Art, also known as Pop Art, explore the related art movement between popular
culture and art. Pop Art is also some irony, philistine greed Yan Shen. In
simple terms, the Pop Art is the predecessor of today than the bottom of the
art market.www.oilpaintingproducer.comoil paintingoil painting
reproductionsPop art in the late 1950s,
the formation of an international cultural trend in the 1960s, first appeared
in the United Kingdom, after the widely popular in the United States, it is an
object of contempt art despised the vulgarian art . This genre is the abstract
expressionism advertised shunned the "vulgar", it is under the
banner: art should not be elegant, art should be the same as life. This slogan
put forward a refreshing American artists immediately sensitive to this is a
new world, so everyone contention Bay past, just a short time, the American Art
flowers scene, bursting with new style called Western modern art once again
magnificent up.
Pop Art as abstract expressionism rebellious boarded the art scene, which is
the United States an important and unique art form. Rauschenberg
representatives by the composer Cage, trying to erase the distinction between
art and life to a new art form, the artist should reflect the objective reality
of freedom, free from the traditional constraints. He even put the city's waste
as work material, these things did not have the aesthetic characteristics in
accordance with the idea ofartistic pieced together to make it out of the original property in
the form of open "combined with" the art of the first of its kind.www.oilpaintingproducer.comoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
paintingdecorate paintingThe Hamilton works more directly reflects the essence of pop art,
they are not on the reality of sarcasm or rebel, just an ordinary gesture
observe the world we live in. We suddenly realized the existence of something,
those accustomed to things indeed often ignored. Compared with other pop
artists Andy Warhol appear to be more thorough, he completely abolished the the
manual concept in artistic creation, direct method of Engraving and Printing
photo image over the canvas. Applied classicist and modernist as taboo
"repeat", even to an extreme, arranged the endless round of the
Coca-Cola bottle, as well as photos of the stars have become the best creative
theme and material. This very aptly reflects the characteristics of the
industrial age, the modern industry is such a day repeating the same thing.
Intuitive art form instead of the esoteric arts. With the advance of the
post-modern art, it also appears to be with the boundaries of our lives closer
and closer, we may not be aware, but it can not be replaced as a part of our
lives and spirit. Spectroscopy art is the art of the 1960s and 1970s in Europe
and the United States appear genre reflects the business culture of the Western
industrial hustle and bustle of life. Representative figure of Andy Warhol
(Andy Warhol), Keith Haring (Jisihalin), Roy Lichtenstein (Roy - Leisy Teng
tear Tanzania), DAVID HOCKNEY (David - or can you) and so on. . . . . . The
following will be divided into several works of to introduce the spectroscopy
art and painter.oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingdecorate painting: Pop Art Andy Warhol (Andy
Warhol)"In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes" -
Andy WarholGeneration of avant-garde pop artist Andy Warhol, who had been
threatened sharp reversal in the trend of generations, and then have to make
things up to a visibility of only fifteen minutes, the tide of life is even
worse than disposable diapers or condom! However, Warhol's exceptional artistic
concept is still continuing impact of the
"post-post-post-post-post-post-modern" of the arts and cultural
orientation, although he has been shy in manner, said: "the I don \ 't
think my art has the any lasting of value," but the artistic value of
different art prices, it is often beyond the auction house selling the real
value lies in its ability to stimulate and spawned more artistic life.Although
Warhol became popular in New York, but he was not an American. Origin Czech
Republic, he was born in Pittsburgh, a backwater town, nor come from a family
of artists, his father is a construction worker.portrait
painting  Juvenile when Warhol is a hard-edged art
students, under the encouragement of their teachers and decided to go to New
York artistic melting pot of a break. Initially responsible for the books and
illustration design work, but soon to fame in New York's popular arts, the most
outstanding style screen printing techniques and repeated images will figure
into the visual merchandising representative works include "Marilyn Monroe
, "Campbell canned soup," Coke bottle "," car accident
"," electric chair ", these works run Warhol's New York studio
(The Factory), after some amateur Assistant mass production and replication,
mass production is always Warhol's pop-art concept can not or lack of
indicators. To six a year, Warhol has been ranked as the following after Dali and
Picasso, another avant-garde art celebrities, whether it is a roll of toilet
paper or a toilet seat, as long as the cover of his seal, then immediately
fashionable up! 2063, Warhol's ambition to go to the film industry, directed a
series of experimental films, such as "Kiss", "Bitch,"
"The Chelsea Girls", the theme is a very bold challenge a lot of
gender-like version of the war, and breaking the man copper body superstition ─63 years "Blow Job", the entire film is just the actor's
face close-up lens outside, another man is oral sex for him; 65 years, "My
Hustler" gay sexual St. Fire Island shooting (sexual) manner, the story of
two comrades, a faghag and a heartthrob desire entangled; 68 years of
"Flesh" male prostitutes for the material, is the earliest a movie it
comes to male sex workers ; 68 years of "Lonesome Cowboys" opened
between Western men and Lang lust veil; 65 years, "Vinyl" flagrant
sexual abuse cult, film; "Empire" a total length of nine minutes
motionless lens only shadow forward to the spire of the Empire State Building,
no wonder it is one of the classic cullt film series, more people who believe
in a more difficult and choking people.hand painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting
reproductionsdecorate paintingWarhol's movies always inferior to those of his contribution and
influence on graphic design. So he went to divert attention to the theater.,
Produced the acclaimed "Plastic Exploding Inevitable; he further hand
music, opened a contemporary one important chapter of Rock-The Velvet
Underground.www.oilpaintingproducer.comMany critics assert, Velvets from 2065 (after the rock and roll
era) of the most important teams in the United States, has been an interesting
argument, though it was pretty poor, but their record sales each listening to
their albums will group from the band, a demonstration of the influence, and
subsequent development of various music genres, regardless of collapse after
collapse, a new wave of progressive rock, more or less indirect impact by the
Velvets, Warhol team legendary team manager. In 2065, Warhol first seen their
performances at Greenwich Village's Cafe Bizarre, aware of their unique
originality and plasticity, and immediately signed its more through his own
reputation and relationships in the art world, wantonly behalf Velvets
publicity, and they discuss a paper Verve Records recording contract. However,
Warhol work only in "marketing", music has always been not his forte,
he is very clear that Lou Reed's writing strengths is that characterize nuanced
story of the characters, so they encouraged him to in-depth observation and
record surrounding the Warhol circle of life Taipei, by Warhol's assistance, he
got many of the little-known first-hand information, many bizarre Confidential
celebrity art scene in New York, drug dealing, or morbid fetishes, Lou Reed
works the theme, not Warhol guidelines, the Velvets works may be less sense of
the flesh and blood of this deduction. Of course, the most important of the
most classic masterpiece "The Velvet Underground Nico" album,
although as the largest producer Warhol "contribution" in fact, is
never interfere in their creative, more as a manager for the band to get rid of
so many of the record companies so they can be left free to the creation of
whole-heartedly.oil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingHowever, the banana dish "is a landmark rock classic, but
based on the mistakes of publicity and promotion strategies, then this disc
sales suffered a crushing defeat, another main reason is the earlier released
album actually includes the Beatles'" Sgt. Pepper \ 's Lonely Hearts Club
Band ", unfortunately touched one behind, the Velvets album is another
wonderful it is no wonder that nobody cares about. Course, reexamine the
occasion the banana dish "There is no doubt that a more exciting and more
far-reaching influence stunning masterpiece. The banana dish "defeat,
Velvets and Warhol edge do this.decorate "No matter how good you are, the if you \ 're not promoted
right you won \' t be remembered" the Warhol who leaves another cautionary
Quotes, in particular about the facade, to send the field of art circles, he
had to understand self-promotion is always more important than strength, to go
down in this, do not have to work hard to please give me a chic business cards.
Andy Warhol biggest turning point in the life is 68 years the Factory the
Valerie Solanas gunshot wound to the actress, since he reclusive, embedding
themselves in a more protected upper class coterie afraid of the masses the
company. In the 1970s, he founded the "Interview" magazine, the
disclosure of the great masses of the high society, but the tactics of course
is different from what celebrity fashion> "version. 87 years due to the
surgery X complications and death. Master of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, the
comrades, pop art and culture in the 20th century, and even rock circle left
"15 Minutes" in changing our era, he was more a strange reputation,
have led others to call him 50's first official "queer artist" a win
to make the world's heresy hand
painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting