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bothcommonfeaturesofpainting,butalsoitsown Keywords: Watercolor; language; lines; color; composition

 A watercolor painting, Western painting is an important painting, which
originated in ancient Egypt, India, Persia and other places, and later
introduced to Europe in the 18th century in the United Kingdom into an
independent genre.
 All art has its own language of art, watercolors same.It is the art of language, both common features of painting,
but also its own personality.
 Specifically, the art of watercolor
paintinglanguage, mainly in the following three:
First, the lines
Drawing lines is a common artistic language of all, the natural language
of art is one of the important watercolor.Leonardo da Vinci once said: "The drawing is from the
point of beginning science first, followed by the line, and then the face, and
finally with the form provided by the surface."①the point, line, surface, body, the
line is a specialthe status and
The famous French
neoclassical painter Ingres said: "The line is the protagonist of
painting." ②
Line the lines, that thick, thin, straight or curved lines.
Line painting is outlined in the
morphology, the formation of visual art vocabulary, but also has emotional
meaning, the expression of artists can be subtle, delicate feel and charm.Thus, many Western artists to paint as a "with a line to
walk," the metaphor of this image lines as the painting shows, the
important paintings in the status and role.
oil painting
Watercolor is also
the first to outline the physical landscape ever line before coloring, so the
line is also the basic language of art watercolor, watercolor painting is the
basis and premise of the whole.To this end, we must
master the watercolor paintings are excellent line drawings of basic skills, to
skilled and accurate use of lines, and fully grasp the types of lines and art
features and art features.Respect from the
general division of the lines of watercolor painting with all the lines are
like lines of a curve into two categories.Line is divided into three types: One is the horizontal line
to draw open, stretch, reaching the scene, showing a smooth, quiet atmosphere.The second is the vertical line to draw straight, solemn,
Wei, grand images.The third is a slash,
to draw the movement, agitation, crisis, conflict and other images, or
atmosphere.Curve is divided into
round wires, spiral, parabola, wavy lines, etc., on the whole curve has a
beautiful, soft, mobile, change characteristics, and have a relaxed and
pleasant, Wan Mei, elegant and so emotional characteristics.
oil paintings
All in all, the line
is the most important language of painting, the most vivid part, it is the true
artist from the natural extract meaning out of an abstract language, upside
down and used to visualize the images depicted.Mr. Zong famous esthetician said: "Western painting
lines are stroked the flesh to reveal the punch, thoughtful outline of the
entity to take advantage of strong feeling; Chinese paintings lined Zeyi smooth
float in the air, pens, fed ink Chang, freedom of association, suggesting imagesbone, momentum and trends. "③lines drawn wide support from the
rhythm of life, but also constitute a physical image, the performance artist
emotional symbols, and cause the viewer to think and imagine.
Second, color
Vocabulary of color
as form, language is one of the important art of painting, it is not only to
identify physical objects, landscape ever, an important basis for such light
and shade and means, and with a strong emotion.
Color painting, there are three main categories: One is the intrinsic
As the name suggests,
it refers to the natural color images, but its essence is the object of
different color light (red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple seven-color)
selective absorption and reflection of the results.The other is light color.Generated by the light source so that changing the color of
the object.The third is the
environment color.
Refers to the
different environments in which objects generated by different colors.oil painting
Color painting itself, is divided into four elements: one is hue.Refers to the various colors of the "looks" such as
rose red, brown green, big and blue.The second is color.
to the degree of the depth of light and dark colors such as red in the same
divided into dark red, dark red, pink, light red and so on.
The third is purity.Refers to the degree of color purity.
When a color saturation level of the
pigment, the purity to high, the color of the standard color.If mixed with other colors, or add water to reconcile, the
purity is reduced.
The fourth is
the color.Refers to the sense of color temperature, such as red,
yellow, brown to dark; green, blue and violet as cool; green as a neutral
color.In general, warm
with a warm, uplifting, warm, friendly, easy feeling; cool is a solemn, Qing
Ji, cool, Shudan, heavy feeling;
Color painting, more emotional properties and symbolic meaning.For the performance of the natural environment, time, season,
state of mind, mood and emotion, which have an important role in the art.Such as red, with a warm, enthusiastic, positive and other
emotional characteristics, commonly used in painting to symbolize the
revolution, the bright, happy, happy and so on.Sometimes there are critical
red, meaning alert, such as the use of "red lights" means closed to
traffic. Some people do not understand the dialectics of red, unexpectedly
sudden, a joke: "Cultural Revolution" in the "Red Guards"
that the red symbol of revolution, to"red" No traffic movement is the
"counter-revolutionary" and implement "green" cut line, the
results are real blow to pieces.oil painting
Use of color techniques, there are three kinds: one is the color
contrast and color-based structure, form the overall picture of the color
combinations, with a distinctive, new, colorful, rich beauty.The other is the color of color-based harmonic structure,
form the overall picture of the color combinations, elegant, soft, stable,
simple beauty.The third is the
color of color-based analog structure, form the overall picture of the color
combinations, with a thick, mysterious, luxurious, magnificent beauty.
Watercolor use of color, but also a distinction with the oil painting,
watercolor painting different colors to highlight the personality
characteristics of watercolor.
Third, the composition
Painting composition, is a certain aesthetic principles and subject matter,
theme, as requested in the screen layout, the arrangement to the performance of
various parts of images with various elements, making a complete painting.Composition as an important art of painting language, can be
expressed profound ideological content and aesthetic feeling, and the artist's
 The principle of a balanced composition, contrast, integrity, unity.
 Composition as the main features of a geometric shape, also divided into
triangles (including triangle, oblique triangle, inverted triangle),
rectangular (including square, rectangular), circular, wave-shaped, S-shaped,
etc., each with different characteristics.oil painting