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In our modern painting
creation, discussion and visual effects on the performance of the content is
more important, and we grasp the meaning of form is not enough, the painting is
difficult to distinguish between art and technique of the relationshipThe diversity of techniques, which led to the abuse on the
techniques, the issue is worthy of our attention and discussed.

Keywords: Lacquer; techniques

0 Introduction 

The formation of a long history of painting, the use of rich and varied
techniques, it is rooted in the traditional lacquer. As painting with the
"paint" and its strong tolerance determines the unique features of
the painting, the use of materials
novelty, but also its differences with the essence of other kinds of painting,
especially modern painting. painting materials were shining brilliantly 、 Implicitness created a sense of luxury and mystery, it
contains subtle oriental art of quality, which
that is, the language of paint.

1, a new independent painting - painting

The former refers to the lacquer paint
technology, to lacquer-based, modern lacquer art, including painting、paint plastic、three types of
lacquer. "Since the Sixth National Art Exhibition has been set painting,
painting seems perfectly justifiable to boardedsomething presentable. "as an independent painting,
paint it different from other sex is essential where the painting is its
essence, so it obviously has its own unique look. painting is very inclusive,
innovative and diverse use of
materials and techniques inherited the fine tradition of lacquer process, so
increasing people's attention. 
Painting tools and media materials for its production characteristics, with the
dual nature of painting and decorating, painting is painting is not good or bad
and process of the severity of the problem, but rather whether the use of
appropriate materials technology to create new visual image,
The success of creative painting, is
the need to know the artist painting the material properties and the
corresponding process tool and a variety of techniques. mastery of techniques
to bring the screen to give a lot of different effects, which are the other
paintings can not be achieved.

2 Chinese traditional lacquer technique 

Paint left by ancient Chinese arts and crafts, so we understand the history of
paint and its development process, which has a charm unique to our culture of
the paint. In
Ancient times, with the accumulation of technology, lacquer ware techniques
have been quite numerous and mature, here are a few different times are
introduced. 
Primitive society: the color is abundant, but
mainly are mainly black, there have been embedded in the process. From the
summer of、business、mounted the Warring States period and thoughtful techniques
are becoming mature; the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty also follows
the traditional mosaic techniques, use of gold leaf
and painted pictures organized; techniques used in the Warring States period
has gilt、carved、description of gold and silver、gold decals、silver buckle、needle engravings, drawings, using a simple outline、set Ping Tu and other techniques.
To the Qin dynasty 、the Three Kingdoms
Period: describe the main use of the main techniques described are both
realistic and exaggerated, pattern lines swing、twists and turns
changing、fluent and imaginative、composition clever、 pen strong, it is
very beautiful; is an imaginative creation of the Han Dynasty
of times, it was brilliant of
brilliant lacquer during the era of a paint. Chinese lacquer in this
development to a peak of the peak. lacquerware in this period deep into
people's clothing 、food、live、 line, and
people's lives, and then have a special division of labor. when painting
decorative theme with geometric volume moire、painting animal
patterns、mythological、real-life subject matter and so on. was mainly followed the
popular depiction of the Warring States period and the needle carvedtechniques, as well as silver paste、painted and inlaid with gold and silver buckle、closure heap of gold paint, etc.; the Three Kingdoms period
is a description of the main techniques used paint、gold heap closure engraved、rhino skin paint、sculpture painting, etc..
Sui 、Tang、Five Dynasties: Sui
and Tang dynasties, and Jin Yinping mosaic inlaid with mother-off has been
further developed, and very beautifully done. Prior to that, universally
admired, is a vegan no pattern of lacquer to formtension、characterized by
quiet lines. But to the Song and Yuan Dynasties paint technology has changed
the performance of the techniques and patterns to decorate the center of
gravity changes. In this period, the closure gilded、lacquered、gilt paint、mosaic inlaid with mother and other techniqueson the basis of the Tang Dynasty has a new development.oil
Ching Ming period: the main techniques used in the Ming Dynasty have
carved lacquer, followed by the living symbol of closure 、gilt paint、fill paint、lacquer inlaid with mother、treasure embedded、paragraph Cai Qi, etc.; Qing Su techniques are painted、gilt、described paintand description of oil、fill paint、closure Gold Caiqi、literate gilt paint、treasure embedded、lacquered、rhino skin、color models, etc..
thousands of years later, the accumulation of techniques for the development of
modern painting techniques to laythe foundation.
3 painting in the use of traditional techniquesoil

The development of the traditional and the
formation of lacquer, the invention of a variety of techniques, these
techniques for the development of modern painting techniques have a certain
role in promoting.
For the modern painting, which material and process characteristics that make
people surprised, lacquer presented by the shadow of deep dreamy colors, cheap
shell 、copper wire after grinding through the process and the
mechanism of production of the noble, readily available
to bring dim spinning effect, layers of paint through a variety of sculpture
can make the level of effect, it can make a simple wrinkle paint or rough bark
of the mechanism of effect, gold and silver foil、the use of gold and
silver powder rigid screen broke, resulting in complicated but not annoying、tire of the trial Yan and delicious fun. The painting can be
effectively demonstrated that a strong and inclusive. painting the set of
processing tools and materials for allhandling of the
painting to create art is an important condition for the image and the mood is
different from other kinds of painting lacquer、 the face of it has a
unique reason.
oil paintings
We want the traditional lacquer painting techniques to better use to which the
creation, but also to harness the wisdom of our innovative, flexible use of a
variety of techniques, more effective description of the theme, expressing the
theme, but we have toNote that technique is only
a means, the most important is the meaning of life and the inner works. it
follows the common law of all the plastic arts to create new and valuable
oil paintingimage, showing people the spirit of
the charm.

4, face painting techniques on how to abusepaintings

Painting of the creative process is a serious
work, this process is the need to complete the three heart: well、ingenuity、careful, well that
is the so-called needs from concept to drawings to be careful, so delicate
precision; painting creationIn addition to
painting, the process also requires a process other than the accomplishments,
we must understand and study the skills of craftsmen, so there should be
originality. As the various characteristics of paint to determine its creative
process is a lengthy process, the artist must be patient andcarefully in order to obtain the final success. of lacquer
painting of research and writing on the pursuit of a higher level, the basic
point should be fixed on how to maximize the use of paint materials and play
characteristics and process characteristics.
As the ever-changing techniques, can make a
lot of unexpected results, which are so fascinated the artist, and sometimes
would indulge in