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Wrote talk about the sketch emotional - painting teaching

talk about the sketch emotional - painting teaching

Abstract: sketching as painting a basic
curriculum, teachers have a considerable degree of attention. Sketch
performance to solve some problems, has a direct impact on the development of
the students after painting, is unquestionable. Is generally believed that the
performance of sketches is to observe and analyze, feel and understand. To
really understand and feel the meaning of which may be an arduous process of
"boring". So, it is not a method (or called) sketch becomes a little
lighthearted it? Certainly some of that is - "sketch emotional.
Keywords: emotional state of mind objects
blend of dynamic force inspiration
Sketch emotional color emotion is conferred
(will not go into here), is a concrete manifestation of human emotional mental
state, things I blend an aesthetic state sketch learning dynamic forces; is
inspired thinking activity prerequisite.
A sketch emotional manifestation of
emotional mental state
"The art master the way of the world can
be understood as the human soul care of the way of the world as a whole, but
also of human artistic production. We can be seen from this passage: subjective
psychological factors play a leading role in the art of "production".
"The whole process of artistic production, emotional intention has always
been the most active elements indispensable." Performance with emotional
intention sketch the performance of the whole process should be the dominant
form. Although the basic sketch of training, we can not too much emphasis
subjective intention of thing, but, the emotion out of the subjective instinct,
face painting objects are impossible to ignore, have seen will want some
presumably have a sense. "See" to "want" to "flu"
is a repeated cycle of understanding, the feelings of psychological process,
but also in the sketch performance must have an emotional state of mind.
Training in drawing only this mentality gradually repeated in depth, in order
to create one after another sketch understanding highs.  
Often some teachers: a basic sketch of the
learning process, the teacher is to "hands-on" teaching to enable
students to understand. Obviously such teachers ignore the emotional factors of
students, more depressed student initiative, is not desirable. Imagine
"pinching" the hands of students, how to allow students to "open
up a bit" painting it?
The sketch emotional things I blend an
aesthetic state
On the relationship between man and the
natural world, and the Western countries is very different: Westerners standing
outside of the natural world, study, imitate. Man and nature, subject and
object boundaries, where they are very distinct, so particular, they are
naturally great. Little Angel imagination soar to heaven, is also inseparable
from the wings like a bird. Chinese people standing among the natural objects
to grok and natural objects. Us here, man and nature, subject and object
boundaries are more blurred. Our proposition is to "Heaven, things I
blend", so we do not feel than natural insignificance. We can imagine
"Flying without wings and fly.
The close relationship between the Chinese
people with the natural world than Westerners. We see the natural objects as
breathing, and human life have feelings. As Jin Shengtan: "Fish court
consistently smell" look at flowers, flower Man people look at flowers,
people to spend to go; flower Man flowers to people. "We can understand:
the objective existence of things long as people find beauty where, at the same
time means that it is with people has been mutually exchange inter-penetration. 
For example, in your opinion, the play
brought stone from the river is a work of art. Stone with your thoughts, your
mind flashes the shadow of the stone, to some extent, stone and you have one
each other. This is the Chinese people "things I blend aesthetic.
Is scarce in our sketch teaching
"things I blend the aesthetic state of the culture and the Evolution.
Students in order to get the teacher's praise and affirmation, all day immersed
in the drawing board before the numbness doing repeat same action depicted,
whether it is fruits and vegetables, vases or figures, gypsum stereotyped -
plus care shortage spirit. Students, are you tired? The teachers are also
talking about how the student, such as how hard hard - really want the students
to an iron rod into a needle? Teacher, right? Sketch teaching, we should also
be emotional inspiration to guide and encourage students with aesthetic meaning
"stone" in front of "Still Life", "portrait",
"plaster" ...... as from heart burst a performance of desire. Some
people ask: "people all have love, you can not let people eat garlic do
not eat garlic." My answer is: "do not eat" is a habit, not
equal to "not eat", "Can not eat "the patient. The
teacher's task is to take the "patient" has become a favorite, will
eat garlic ". France Rodin said: "Beauty is everywhere for our eyes,
not the lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery." In fact, the
relationship between man and the natural world in the imagination, created by
the practice gradually close up 's. The so-called "people go to the
flower, flowers to people." We are not often say: "lies not draw
anything, but rather how to paint."; "Beauty lies not get in that
pursuit." We can also think so: "things I blend aesthetic emotional
process of deep and shallow, and the final decision sketch pleasure and boring,
but also determines you get more than less, is a discovery, feelings of
"beauty" aesthetic state.
The sketch emotional sketch learning
dynamic force
"Love to the depths of human
loneliness." However, the lone power is huge. It is about life, art has a
truly unique experience, unique ideas and the most intense love, the desire to
understand the state of mind but not a forerunner. Of course, we will not let
such a "huge" loneliness only requires students to recognize and
understand the unique aesthetic emotion: loneliness is a willing lonely state
of mind and situation, not alone, there can be "found happy and create
As we all know: the eyes of the art cell
"can often be found in the life of visible invisible poetic. Well, this
"invisible poetic" What is it? It is a painting by things I blend
aesthetic emotion. Said before "things I blend" aesthetic emotion
process deep in the shallow, the final decision of a sketch of entertaining and
boring. Because, as long as it is accompanied by a "beautiful"
performance will certainly be pleasant. Edison said: "The most direct way
to impress the mind or the United States. U.S. immediately penetrate an inner
joy and satisfaction in the imagination." Burke said: "What we call
the United States, the objects can cause love or some similar emotional nature
or some nature. "In fact, the beauty of art, is a unique emotion. No
wonder, the gurus willing to loneliness, bitterness bite to chew on people's
minds is being affected by the "lonely" continue the pursuit of it.
For ordinary people, the beauty of the heart we all share "; For the
painter, the United States is leading to the of Art" hall "golden
Of course, "the United States" is
not so easy to obtain. Not experience a winner of the heroic feelings when
rubbing his aching legs; standing Emei of Britain; hope Sunrise spectacular;
see the wonders of Buddha's it? "Beauty is the greatest pleasure of Pro
the deep carry out thin." Therefore, the United States, is also a strong
desire for power. Only after the arduous trek "go", in order to truly
achieve the interest in the beauty of art. 
oil painting
"United States" is not static, it
is always entangled with the "ugly" Fission rising. As Goethe said:
"beauty and ugliness has never refused to coordination, but holding hands
in the Grass ground Happy." Therefore, the United States, is dynamic, it
always exists in the adjustment of the "sense of proportion".
Sketch out the emotional dynamic beauty
culture, even more endless charm and has a strong appeal.
The sketch emotional inspiration thinking
activities prerequisite
Hegel said: "inspiration than anything
else, is completely immersed in the subject, it is less than the performance
for the perfect image of the art will never give up the kind of situations."
Visible, inspired thinking exist in being emotional with the firm will , is the
long-term accumulation of perceptual experience, the ongoing results of
rational experience. Sketch emotional warm, active, stirring, exciting, people
cheer and positive beauty passion. "Our passion is actually like the fire
in Phoenix, when the old is incinerated, they immediately born in its
ashes." (Goethe). "People look for it to thousands of Baidu, when I
look back, that person is the lights dim. The arrival of inspiration and not to
discuss with you in advance, it is riding on the rebirth of the Phoenix to;
drove passion wagon comes. Even if it came to you before the long-awaited,
still holds partly concealed. " 
oil painting
Inspiration belonging to a type of
"sixth sense" is a mind suddenly found a miracle. Inspired depiction
let us obsessed, Fucking, inspired painting so dejected. For students, a lack
of passion, in the face of how the United States sketch object will "did
not feel." He was not the five senses, five feel ", but do not have
a" sixth sense ", it lost the initiative we call" inspiration
The sketch emotional thinking as a
precondition for inspiration.
In recent years, the art teaching gradually
reformed, "what teachers teach? How to teach?" Has become a hot topic
in the Art of Teaching. It should be said that, for this problem, different
opinions, yet there is no unified understanding. In my view, to enable students
to learn sketch in a relatively short period of time, teachers itself should
have good professional skills, but also should be a rich emotional, moving and
emotionally in order to enlighten them with reason, science students, the
emotional teaching to the techniques and theories of vivid, together