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Chinese oil painting confused!

oil painting confused! Chinese oil painting 100 years, right? ? Looking back,
really can not find a few pieces of decent work. Of "work" then look
as if okay,
impression paintingbut as long as you know is the foreign so and so's Chinese version,
that is the end of the work, say do the painting features. Nationalization of
Painting, also carrying for a long time, but if unsuccessful ! Or the exact
formulation naive, originally alien stuff, how to nationalization? ? Think aimpression
paintinglittle naive. Oil painting
in China if the total floating on the water, Shen did not go, so 100 years, In
fact, the Chinese people basic school people techniques, do not pay attention
to ideology, such as learning to Russia, the former Soviet Union. As today's
art schools seems also not thinking straighten up! Or in blindly teach
techniques!oil paintingAs China's English teaching only note written, and desalination
spoken! ! Realize how oil painting, if not mention,impression
paintingrealism paintingabstract paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes paintingand more innovative ideas! Chinese painters how innovative! It's
hard to say specifically. Despite the centuries-old Chinese painting technical
exercises, but the Chinese painter painting still no Western oil painting, a
lot of people are shirk Chinese painting to the introduction of the time is too
short, it is ignorance, innovative painting shouldimpression
paintingbe the perfect combination
of technology and ideas! Chinese painters ideological positioning in where? ?
Positioning in the local culture? Then the perceptual thinking of the Chinese
people, how can with pure rational color painting Fusion! ! !impression
painting This is the confusion of oil
painting in China, but also Chinese oil painters not paint a painting of
confused, to say the change of Chinese oil paintings Jingyu, the idea is. Many
Chinese painters, in fact, still take the technical route, do not pay attention
to rational thinking! !
painted oil paintingoil painting
What's Chinese oil?
2017-10-19 13:32:10