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Wei Kai beauty: painting innovation development

Wei Kai beauty: painting
innovation in the development of our oil painting completely stand proudly with
its wealth of achievements and ethnic characteristics of the forest of the
world oil painting. We apply their own sound evaluation and information without
having to look forward to a Western Forum, galleries, biennials, galleries and
even auction company issued accreditation trophies, awards,
words or notary. Mention the world painting description and evaluation of the
status of Western-centric framework in quite a long time, can not expect it to
change. We already have a large number of outstanding oil paintings after the
audience Appreciation and history screening. Whole express our painting skills
and language innovation to catch up with and even surpass the West for hundreds
of years traditional painting level as well as the long journey to go, but we
already have some ingenious artistic style works and painter. Distinctive
reflects the spirit of the age and ethnic characteristics of excellent
painting, Western critics turn a blind eye,impression paintingrealism paintingabstract paintingoil paintingportrait paintinganimals paintinglandscapes
painting or see and reveal their brand of ideology to be derogatory. They
are also for ideological reasons, to identify works of political pop like give
oil paintingOur painting only in innovation development. The oil painters
arduous task. Should first seriously wisely and learn from Western painting
(whether traditional or modern). Second, we must seriously emotional investment
in learning and lessons of China's traditional arts (whether ancient or
near-contemporary). Chinese oil painter should be able to "learn Chinese
and Western." Of course, this is not to set a specific score for each oil
painters. Our oil painters in the art practice by actively arrange and
constantly adjust the issues and processes suitable for their own artistic
creations.landscapes paintingAny serious exploration of oil painters are part of a joint force
to promote the development of oil painting. If only focus on experimental
painting expression methods, the results also on the painting as a painting
medium performance potential new excavations. In fact, the from some paintings
exhibition show, the selection and award of see, many oil painters concern is
not the painting, but how to draw. On the other hand, many outstanding works of
innovative painters found expression in the life and feelings, and make
unremitting exploration was achieved.landscapes painting The excellent works always respond to the call of the times and the
expectations of the audience. I hope more painting school groups and style of
type. The implication of the national spirit in the painting will be reflected
in the painting as a whole in the flourishing. Oil painting masterpiece as a
sign of the times in blossom will also have the birth.
painted oil paintingoil paintingoil painting