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we should also attach importance to their creative


50 years of the 20th
century, China introduced a system of the Soviet Union Winchester Qiake Fu
painting teaching.Needless to say, the
introduction of this teaching model at the time of the painting in art
education had a very significant impact.However, after several decades of development, such drawbacks
of the traditional teaching model is gradually revealed, for example, too much
focus on the skills of students, emphasis on scientific and rational observation
and describe objects.The increasingly
conservative and stylized in the teaching mode, seems to have gradually evolved
into an art of technology and the rational pursuit of the subject, which turned
into a mechanized labor.Of course,
oil painting, the
scientific and rational observation of the performance capabilities and superb
styling ability is important, but after all, is an emphasis on art of thinking
in images of the subjects.Craftsmen from the
Arts to the evolution of intellectual several factors must be guaranteed.In other words, contemporary oil paintings of educators in
the teaching process in addition to training students in modeling capabilities,
more students want to focus on theoretical knowledge,
oil paintings critical
thinking skills and personal artistic language training.15th century Italian sculptor mentioned the end of season
Bayle, Greek painting, sculpture, home study, which is reflected in their
drawings in theory, no such theory, can not be a great sculptor or painter.Shows good reason why an artist, and not just because he has
superb skills.Because the fine art of
imitation is the basis of activities, but not decided artistic achievements of
the most important factor.Personalized artistic
and the works of artists presented in the cultivation of knowledge construction
and deep thinking is the decisive factor.This contemporary oil painting also posed a challenge to
educators.In the teaching process,
contemporary oil painting art educators to emphasize skills training for
students, we should also attach importance to their creative thinking
ability.Teachers can be individualized according to the different
characteristics of students, the students be encouraged to create bold, in the
interest of both students to explore their creative passion to create the
thinking ability of students.Another level, say,
contemporary oil painting which educators make a great quality of their own
requirements.Painting in the past few
decades teaching theory, there had been painting teacher should first educator
as an artist or a debate, but our view at this stage of teaching, teachers in
the era of oil painting has a new requirement.To the author, not necessarily a
good artist to become a good teacher, good painting is a good teacher should
not only be an artist, but should be an excellent educator.However, for the education of Chinese contemporary art,
painting teaching in order to adapt to the development of contemporary art,
painting teachers should not only be a successful artist, educator, should be
the development of an understanding of the status quo of contemporary art
"half theorists. "Among them, a very important point is that contemporary oil
painting contemporary art educators to accept the current results, combing and
transformation.Avant-garde of contemporary
art, experimental and critical young students are worthy of study and
reference.Even mix of contemporary art
institutions to the creation of artistic achievements and experience of new
courses to teach students through the results of contemporary art, to enable
students to benefit from the diversity of contemporary painting art teaching
oil painting
In contrast, the traditional academic curriculum teaching system of realism
rather monotonous, teaching content is relatively obsolete, old-fashioned.Painting education in the past, the major art institutions
and more students and implementing a comprehensive capacity development
approach, the expense of the cultivation of personality development of students.In this teaching model, young students do not have too much
self-judgment and to identify awareness of the creative process in general lack
of confidence, excessive reliance on teacher judgments.Because the existing system of art education system, more
than the introduction of the Soviet Union Winchester Qiake Fu mode of
education, while emphasizing the skills and did not focus on students of
theoretical knowledge and critical awareness.Of course, China's current college system which, in addition to
traditional subjects, the addition also increased the number of new courses,
such as the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts New Media Arts
Department, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in painting studio and the Tianjin
Academy of Fine Arts IIIInstitute of Modern
Art, have begun to focus on experimental teaching.
China Academy of Media Arts School has a long history, although referred
to as new media art, but their academic leaders Zhang was born in oil painting,
oil painting because of their understanding of teaching principles and policies
in the specified timehave more freedom and
flexibility, can absorb some of the skills paintings used in multimedia
creation, so the image of China Academy of Art in the field of Chinese
contemporary art has been out far ahead.Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts is the third oil painting
studio extension.On the institutional, the third studio that is part of Fine
In this system, under the
teaching of the third workshop on the vision of widening the Fine Arts has
played a significant role.
speaking, contemporary oil painting art education reform is to grasp an
important point, that is good with the interaction of contemporary art.
Painting and contemporary art
education should be a good interaction, is to make education a real oil
painting and oil painting with contemporary.
if Mr. Chen Mo of arts education in accordance with contemporary four-point
definition, we did not really painting education reflect the contemporary.
The first standard that is reflective
of contemporary art education must be implemented in the second practice of
contemporary art education transformation process, otherwise there is no
reflection of contemporary art education of any convincing.
Similarly, both art education and the extent to which integration of
contemporary art and contemporary
arteducation with how forward-looking,
they still have to go the final decisive factor in the transformation of art
education.Professional journal of contemporary art contemporary art education
there are some articles to reflect the network is also often see the slogan
called for arts education reform, but we did not see the transformation of
contemporary art education in action.The mainstream of
contemporary Chinese art education system has been continued since the mid-50s
to draw species boundaries, the division method.Teaching practice in particular, the mainstream of
contemporary art education in China has not essentially go beyond teaching the
Soviet Union 50 years.In fact, this is the
third point repeatedly stressed that the contemporary art education and
contemporary fusion, contemporary oil paintings that is the integration of
education and contemporary art.Since we also call it
painting, oil painting, we will maintain the basic attributes.We must recognize that the development of contemporary art
today, has no language differences, paintings and sculptures, installations and
other languages there is no longer avant-garde and the defender of the points.
Based on this, in the teaching process, oil should be absorbed by other
artistic languagewithout abandoning their own
language patterns, this might call painting education transformation.