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At the end of June

Still do not get to know what the hell is going on. Smiling helps nothing and neither does crying. So fed up with of all the cheating and hesitation.
What can last at least a stable period of carefree time? Somebody turns out to be nobody. Ridiculous... Same room, little bar, same old song and I am more than the dresses and voice. Time melt everything. Someday will surely do.
I am still not used to believing the fate. Destiny means all kinds of craps. Departure is drawing near and I am still all alone. We'd really love to hurt the ones who we fretfully regret to give up at last. I have been through so much.
We tend to be loose, going for binges and desperately soothe someone who we originally want to be with. We just screw it up again. I try to believe anything you say, because i am in love with you now.  I was trying to figure out some kind of words which could completely stand for my feelings, which was definitely going in vain. Nothing fills this void. But I am not now. Inconsolable. Exert myself and put myself together.

When it comes to falling apart, let it be.  let it be. When i think of you all of a sudden. I can not stop singing dramasticly. I am fine, really really fine.