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How to save time and money with your Multiple-website Hosting

A 6 question Interview with a reseller hosting client

Hi, This is an interview I had with a high-profile business client. He had to put up with this multiple websites for a local business.

1. Why should I choose reseller hosting?

If you are a webmaster or business owner with a number of websites looking to save time and money, then reseller hosting is the way to go...At reseller hosting you can combine and host your multiple domains at a single server optimized for that single purpose. Its complete third party customization, 
with its added features makes you overview and control your server parameters in the easiest manner.  At you can access to an all new level of better features and benefits compared to any other singular or Multi - domain services.

2. How reseller hosts works ?
All your domains are hosted from a brick and motor server infrastructure, with the ability to host multiple domains from the same subscription. All the servers are located in remote locations with the state-of-the art infrastructure.How to save time and money with your Multiple-website Hosting3. Why prefer reseller-hosting compared to other services ?
Hosting reseller offers a range of in-house features. The webhostmanager is your best way to track accurate traffic, define pings and check whether there an error coding with your website. The cPanel gives you an easy over-view about different server parameters and differences.

4. How can I save money?

If you are hosting your websites individually it takes extra for cooling and maintenance and other day-to-day charges. If you are hosting through this method you can avoid paying all these costs for just one state-of-the art infrastructure.

5. Is it good enough for high-traffic websites?
Yes, its absolutely sufficient. The reseller hosting makes your high-traffic websites share server space with another website. As the individual bandwidths can be allocated for each website there will not be a problem with low bandwidth. Furthermore you can get a better subscription with a spike in traffic.How to save time and money with your Multiple-website Hosting6. Will there be collusion with my different domains ?
No. As the websites are hosted with different bandwidths each of them can practically act as separately hosted. In case of a spike of interest with one domain, an excess bandwidth can be allocated from an adjacent server which can be fed back later.

Is there a limit to the number of domains ?

No, you can practically host any number of domains within the limited bandwidths and server storage. However its a  very bad idea to host dummy domains as it simply takes the precious resources with practically returning nothing.

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