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 Because: "they had more nonsense! Even Kam wah and handkerchief were sent to the GE material? The value of money? "Feng laughs:" just buy him things, prices are fair on the line, where we care about him what gift. Furthermore, the gift doesn't light, a beaver fur collar in Tibet, which has more than 100 dollars. What do? This cheque will open to him? "Gold's wife:" road to the old seven things I buy, is married, is in my account. You only this account I put together,
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is a count, I have paid for 2000, probably not him. Remaining accounts, each one pays, save me and you recover in the future. "Feng laughs:" against a claim, what do you want to close it? I will open the General Ledger. I salute to you. "Said and bowed deeply. Gold also said his wife, Feng turned and walked out. Jin Rong took the gift came in on, and left a box, a box on the right, was very nice. Mrs Gold was about to call people into the room, Feng has followed. Golden Lady laugh madao
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: "what you came for? These things, do you have? Is not worthless, only this one hidden Beaver collar, also, do you want to take? This time you do not want anything, I get out. "Feng laughs:" since it is not, then, the money is not a problem, be sure your old pads. "Gold's wife:" I don't care. "Phoenix went out with a smile, check open. Sleep at home in the evening, did not dare to go out. Peifang asked how much material account?
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Fung said: "more than 500 dollars, costs on the General Ledger, the ambiguous, you don't ask a mother. Ask know, we're going to take money out.