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Not everything need a change

Not everything need a changeIn my family,there is only at most 40%of a day for us to conmmunicate .The other part is to do our own things ang keep silence. In this poor "talk time",20%of it is compalied or argue with each other for some unnecessary item.80% of it is the daily necessary talking like "dinner is already","turn off the tv","I buy some cabbage".
I try to change this situation.And I fail.

It is not the first time I failed to change.

But now I think from another aspect,why do I have to change?Why not accept the reality?

Just like <THE MIDDLE>, a poor mum try to make her family more effeciency,more tidy,want to keep their lawn clean ... But her 3 children are too special.

Finally she realized "not everything need a change,not to be a good,tidy and harmonious family,we can also be happy."

So do I.