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Sabra girl歌词

Lonely the life, that once I led 孤单的生活, 一经我引导
Strange the paths, on which we tread 奇怪的路径, 在哪一个之上我们踏
Led me to you, unlikely but true 引导了我走向你, 不太可能但是真实的
Sabra girl, clouding my view Sabra 女孩, 以云遮敝我的视野

Rainy the day, the first time we met 下雨的那天, 第一次我们遇见
Deep was the talk, forever my debt 深处是谈话, 永远地我的债务
It didn’t seem wrong, to sing a sad song 它没有似乎错误, 唱一首忧愁的歌
Sabra girl, soon you’d be gone Sabra 女孩, 很快你将会不见了
Early the morning, and sad the goodbye 早的早晨, 和忧愁的那再见
With a wave of your hand and, a smile of your eye 藉由一个你的手的波和, 一微笑你的眼睛
So lately did meet, no sooner depart 因此近来做会, 没有更快离开
Sabra girl, homeward must start Sabra 女孩, 在归途上的一定开始

Rosy the lines that you wrote with your hand 玫瑰红色的你以你的手写的线
Reading between them to misunderstand 在他们之间的阅读误解
I made the mistake you said not to make... 我犯错你说不要再制造。。。

Yes, reading your letters, conviction did grow 是的, 阅读你的信, 信念做生长
I thought it a chance, I knew I must go 我想法它一个机会, 我知道我一定去
It’s hard to believe I could be so naive 相信很难我可能是这么天真的
Sabra girl, flattered but deceived Sabra 女孩, 过份夸赞但是欺骗了

Now you just told me that friendship is all 现在你刚刚告诉我友谊是所有的
I’m forced to repair the breach in my wall 我是被迫的对修理裂口在我的墙壁中
Illusions and dreams, as usual, it seems 幻影和梦, 像往常一样, 它似乎
Sabra girl, they’ve been my downfall Sabra 女孩, 他们有是我的衰败

Lonely the life, and dismal the view 孤单的生活, 和阴郁的视野
Closed is the road that leads to you 关闭是对你带领的道路
Since better can’t be, as friends we’ll agree 因为比较好的不能是, 当做朋友我们意志同意
Sabra girl, time will cure me Sabra 女孩, 时间意志治疗我
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