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Four Tips for a bride in 2012

here are some tips for a bride.
1.Puff's prom dress will not make people feel childish?
Puff the wedding or not, entirely depends on your temperament. Puff a child I had seen with their children more, so I mistakenly thought it was a patent belongs to the child. In actual fact, in many films, the lovely actress, there are a lot of Puff's wedding dress, cute, woman can not be pretty, but it must be lovely. Little Puff kind often used in classical fashion, the look has a special taste.
2.the bride must take the hair up?
Bridal set up their long hair, which is in the mind of many girls. But why should you hair up, no one has a definitive answer. However, some girls really wrap hair prettier, we do not have to follow traditional practices. We, following his own face, body, together with the wedding use.
3.Plate from the hair does not necessarily wear a small jewelry
The bride's hair and of course not the same as usual, wearing some jewelry in the head, especially not wear something normal, matched the wedding, sometimes reflecting elegant. Some people without any accessories, you can completely show their taste.
4.On many occasions, I saw the bride's wedding shoes with a very distinctive white or ivory shoes no longer fashionable, light-colored or light yellow small round patterns are very nice shoes. Some brides also wear boots it? Very superior, and very here to learn more : cheap wedding dresses