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The Story Of Jenny Hollaway

Hey there. It's Shay Buttah once again. And as i sit in the lobby of MCC, fresh outta Humanities class and drowsy from another sleepless night, I wonder why i can't seem to get you off of my mind no matter how hard i try. The sweet smell of your skin has burned itself into that permament place in my brain and I swear it's my favorite smell now. I could listen to those magical fingers of yours play guitar for hours and never get tired of it. You could sing the alphabet and I would sit there and listen. lol Whatever it is that you're doing to me....STOP IT! lol It drives me nuts. And, just in case all of you out there in Catfan world are wondering who the hell Im talkin about, I am actually talking about a girl. A very beautiful, funny, and tempting girl.

This story starts in a land named Roseville. On a bus packed full of people there is a Fall Out Boy song playing in my ears and an empty seat next to me that is begging to be occupied. And who happens to occupy that seat but the stunning and unique Jenny. I didn't even know that she had taken the seat next to me until she tapped me lightly on my shoulder, and motioned for me to take out one of my earbuds. When i looked up and noticed those pretty blue eyes I had decided that she was the most exotic thing I'd ever seen. Then, in this really cute lil voice, she screamed into my ear, "I love FOB! Nobody shows them any love but, dammit, they soooo deserve it." I stared, blankly at her. Part of me wanting to get up and hug her and the other part of me not knowing what the hell to do at all. So i did the only normal thing that i could think of and said, "Yeah...they are freakin amazing." She nodded, smiled brightly at me, and said, "Just in case you are wondering who the hell i am, My name is Jenny. Jenny Hollaway. But, please, call me Holly." I stretched my hand towards her, beckoning for her to shake it, and said, "And just in case you're wondering who the hell this crazy chick sitting next to you is, My name is Shai. But, honestly, you could call me Asshole and I'm pretty sure I'd still answer to it." She giggled at that one. A tinkly, contagious laugh. The kind that made your day and stayed stashed in your memory bank. She playfully smacked my hand away and said, "Well, Shai, I dnt shake hands. But I do give kisses." Then, she gently put her hand under my chin, turned my cheek towards her, and kissed it lightly. It was the first time that I had blushed in so long that It made me nervous. I know that I must've looked ridiculous but I couldnt help it. She just had a way of making you lost for words. Making you wish you had clever things to say to her just so you could hear her laugh again. I was lost in the moment completely. She was staring at me like I was the most interesting thing she had ever seen. I was looking at her like she was the only girl on that bus. Then, just as fast as the moment began, it ended. She tore her gaze away from me, rang the buzzer, and looked kinda disappointed when she said, "This is my stop." I panicked. I couldnt let her get away that easily. She was getting up and walking towards the exit. So i screamed, "Wait! How will i get in touch with you?" She quickly snatched my Blackberry outta my hand, punched a few keys on it in lightening speed, and tossed it bak into my hands in a timely fashion. "Call me sometime!", she screamed as she got off of the bus and, just like that, she was gone. That same night, I sat with that Blackberry in my hand for what seemed like days just staring at her number in my contacts. How the hell did she type that in so fast? And was she real or was I just imagining shit? lol And, with my thumb hovering over that lil Green Send button, the phone sprang to life in the palm of my hand. Out of pure frustration, I pressed send without even looking at the screen, and said," Who is it?" in the most irritating voice I could muster. "Is that the way you always answer your phone or did you save that special lil salutation for me?", a very familiar voice said into my ear. The next thing I thought was, "How the fuck did she get my number?!" This girl was pure magic. "Hellooooo...Are you there, Shai? I hope I don't have the wrong number because that would just be awful. Awful and embarrasing." I laughed dispite the fact that I was still in complete shock and said, "I'm here, Jenny. It's good to hear from you but it's weird that you're calling me. I thought I was supposed to be calling you..." I never asked how she had gotten my number and I didn't really care either. She called because I mattered...and that's all that really mattered to me at the moment, anyway. "Well, I was waiting on you to call but you took too damn long so I took matters into my own hands.", She said sarcastically. And the conversation went on just like that. It was natural and there wasn't one awkward moment at all. And we had talked like this for days on end. It had gotten to the point where I would be expecting her call and she had once confessed to me that she was doing the same thing. She would sit by the phone and wait for me to call her after she had gotten off of work just like I would sit next to the phone and wait for her to call me after I had gotten out of school. We were depending on eachother. And that's huge for two people who put up walls bigger than the Berlin just to keep people out. She was keeping me sane while I was going through a bad breakup with my Boyfriend and I was keeping her content while she was dealing with her uptight parents who didnt accept her lifestyle. We had never even given eachother any title because we didn't wanna complicate things. She wasnt my girlfriend and I wasnt hers. We were just two women who were helping one another. That is, until we went on our first date. Then we were two women who were REALLY fond of one another. And our relationship had become more for me than i had ever expected it to be. I had never wanted her to know that because she was older than me and I didnt want her to think that I was childish for feeling what I felt for her. But, she had became a huge part of my life. It was like she understood me and that's not easy to do. She knew that music was my life without even asking me what my interests were. She would sing for me just because she knew that I would join in and sing with her. She would buy me White lillies on rainy days because she knew that I liked how they looked when they had just been rained on. She could play instruments that I hadn't even thought about learning how to play. And she would cuddle up with me and watch old black and white movies like they were the most interesting movies in the world. She would make me ice crem sundaes with lots of chocolate sauce, just the way I like them, and she could make the best cup of coffee I had ever tasted. She was unlike any girl that i had ever met. She was my JayJay and there was nobody else like her...and then we went our seperate ways. I got back with my boyfriend and She moved in with her Grandparents for a while. And the rest is History.

Well, it used to be history. Until something happened to alter history all together. That's what is truly so crazy about history. When something ends, and you finally think that part of your life is over, it does something that you never thought it could do. Your past comes back to haunt you. And, like a great man once said, History has a way of repeating itself. And i guess this was what it felt like to have ur past come back to haunt you. She called my phone in that perfect lil voice of hers and made my heart beat all fast and jumpy and shit. And, honestly, it's just irritating that she still has that effect on me. I told you that she was pure magic.Anyway, I was kinda in a funky mood the day she called. I was supposed to be with my boyfriend but instead I was babysitting my badass, but adorable, little niece. I was watching the Backyardigans for the 500th time when the phone rang. "What!?!", I had screeched into the phone. "Do you really have to answer the phone like that everytime I call?", a familair voice said in my ear. " that you?", I had practically whispered into the phone. I wanted to say something clever. I wanted to say something to make her laugh. I'd give anything to here her laugh again but my brain wasn't letting me do it. It was in shock. No, I was in shock. "Jenny? Who the hell is Jenny? I distinctly remember you calling me JayJay. But never Jenny. Maybe I have the wrong number or something.", She said with the perfect hint of sarcasm in her voice. She still sounded exactly the same too. I should've been wondering how the hell she had gotten the number to my brother's house. But I wasn't the slightest bit worried about that. I just wanted to know why she had called and why she was trying to squeeze herself back into my life. She said that she had called because she was permanently living in Michigan again.That she had brought a new little house and she was wondering if I wanted to see it...and maybe go out to dinner and catch up. I still havent given her an answer yet. So, here's the question, Catfan Community. Knowing what you know about her, and knowing that I have a boyfriend whom I love dearly, do you think should I go out with JayJay again and catch up? Why or why not would also be great too. lol I'm desperate for your opinions because I need to make up my mind asap. So, after you read this blog, comment and tell me what you think. xoxo, Shay. =]