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Why is everyone so fucking stupid? 为什么每个人都这么蠢?
Why are more people in terried like me? 为什么越来越多的人惧怕我?
I’m so lonely, so lonely, so lonely and sadly and lonely, that no one just me only, sitting on my little home. 我很寂寞,很寂寞,又伤心又寂寞,没有别人只有我,寂寞地坐在我的小屋里。
I work very hard and make a point of wins. 我努力工作得到了一点回报,
but nobody listens and no one understands. 但是却没有人愿意听,也没有人愿意理解我。
Seems like no one takes me seriously. 似乎没有人把我当回事。
And so, I’m lonely, a bit lonely, prado me ╮(╯▽╰)╭,我很寂寞,寂寞,可怜的我
There is nobody I can rely to, 没有人可以依靠,
feel like a bird in a cage, 就像一只笼中的小鸟
it is a kind sadly, 让人伤悲
but not worry, 但是不要担心
because it is filling my body with rage and smartest must crab on my physical feet. 因为它让愤怒统治我的身体,刺痛占有我。
but nobody seems to realize it 但是也没有人意识到这些,
when i changed the world maybe they will notice me 当我改变了这个世界之后,也许他们会关注我
and tell them then i’m just being lonely 也许那时候我就会告诉他们 我只不过是很寂寞
Yeah a little lonely, prado me ╮(╯▽╰)╭,小许寂寞,
I’m so lonely 我很寂寞