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Squad leader Wang Dali picked up a stool, smashing a window.Bang a bang, windows trembled a little, sediment rustled down, but did not break, and the king vigorously in the hands of the stool has become fragmented.Other students wake up, have a suit, picked up the stools to break the windows.
But this time, the reinforced windows has become trapped in the cage of the students' series smashed a few stools, nor smashed a window.
The roof had almost can not hold big chunks of brick to fall down at any time might fall down.
"Fast lift table hit." Xiao teacher holding the switchgrass children,karen millen dresses ukanxiously shouted.Wang Dali, cursed his frantic, busy convened to other students, work together to lift the lectern, and rushed to the window.Bang to sound out the window and flying out of the students has been toppled to the ground.
"You quickly go out, I pick up Xiao teacher." Wang Dali, get up, rushed the Shuaixia word go out into the classroom.Soon, the king vigorously to the front of Xiao teacher, was just about to speak, see Xiaokaren millen multicolorteacher about looking pale, desperate shouted:
"Fast out of the way, danger!"
Wang Dali, I heard the sound muffled rumble, and then the surge of storm swept.Slowly turned, Wang Dali saw the wall was gone, the ground a pile of dirt.Half of the roof will collapse.Faster response Xiaohu and anothe