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learning practice

Since I have left scholl for about two years,and now I have nothing to do at home (i quit my job yet ),I want to pick up English . So I decide to write in English everyday ,just something what I do or think in my life .And I know ,it is a challenge for me .But I am not afraid .
So ,where should I begin with? I am twenty-four years old,male,unmarried.unemployed.
I am seeking a place now.I will be at home watching movies ,listening music,reading books if I have no interview. Once I almost got a good job,but there is a little problem in my heart when my medical examination came out.It is really a hard time for me .But now I am more confident cause I learn a lot things form that .Thanks for my family and friends who are always there for me .
Okay,I guess this is it for today. See u tomorrow.