Where does Lucifer go?

Sorry my followers (so happy to use plural forms!)
I cannot type Chinese right now !
I know once I write a blog text in English
I may lose another 40% of my target readers
But anyway, It is a bad accident but a good start for me
Last time I wrote something in English was last year!
But I would never lose something that I've learned over 10 years!

I read Liang Wendao' article
how far is it for a normal man to become a cold-blooded killer
In my life till now I really met some one that later became a killer
I could have all this buried in my mind
But I think it is my responsibility to speak it out!

I had a exchange semester in St. Petersburg, Russia
And of course I met some Chinese fellow students
One day a friend asked me out
to meet his MSN friend (MSN again,,,,,) from the very famous medicine college
you all know the name of it after the noble prize winner

It was a boy at his middle twenty
he was not that bad looking but tall
but it was the type that didn´t appeal to me :
especially the air of cynicism

He was very talkative
saying something I might be interested in
but never talked with some one I met at the first time:
Eastern Orthodox Church, the Mossad, the Skinheads,
maybe that was his way to attract girls with something mysterious or unknown
we really argued about those things:I didn´t buy those tricks !
But something I noticed is that he was not that strong as he looked like
He put on the air anyway and he was, to me, a little coward look.
cause when I spoke the word " Mossad ", he couldn´t help to stop me !
Come on! It was just a word!
And as he said he got the black belt in karate
but talking about the skinheads he said he would better run as quick as possible
What I found more peculiar is he just said he was that kind of into me one hour later
as my friend was absent for a while
I was not that kind of stunner
but I knew very sure that his legs would for any girl !
And he even tried some physical contacts
Anyway it was not a pleasant experience to meet him, even disgusting !
from that day on, I once heard that he want to make more contact with me
but the friend of mine just
另外,who is Liang Wendao……2011-07-28 00:58:55
Cube怪不得突然就变英文了··2011-07-28 02:15:46
洪永吉Juiz梁文道2011-07-28 08:50:14
洪永吉Cube我还没有写完呢。。。。。哈哈。。。。KB在后面,用中文写。2011-07-28 08:55:04
Juiz洪永吉恩,已经知道了。我google了一下他~2011-07-28 10:10:51
洪永吉Juiz已经在写续集了,百感交集啊!2011-07-28 10:12:29
Juiz洪永吉没看过他写的书……有空去看看~2011-07-28 10:14:25
洪永吉Juiz我也只是看网上转载的,不过此人还是很有见地的!2011-07-29 20:46:12