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Honestly, this world is almost completely fucked up.
Take a look at North Korea. Too many souls being starved, punished for no sane reason, torn apart.
Military shit, is it all that damn important?
Damn important enough to starve babies, kids, adults, and elders to DEATH?
There's not enough of us that'll look the pandemonium in the eye and murder those demons killing everything that's supposed to be right.

This tears me apart.
I swear (not to God, because I can't say I completely believe) I'm going to change something one day.
But first, I need to figure out where to start.
With that in mind, my education is something I need to ace in right now.
I'm 13. Turning 14 in December.
How much of a difference do you think I could make starting now?
its funny cuz thats what he thinks too but i told him and i am tellig you now that, it's not how big of an impact you make, any little thing you do matters, just this idea is already great
2011-09-17 23:00:54
The idea itself needs to be brought to life to be great ><
2011-09-17 23:36:24