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“Ero-Manga Prevents Rape? So You’re All Sex Criminals?”(转自Sankaku complex)


Strike Witches creator and general loli pantsu mangaka par excellence Fumikane Shimada has expressed his disapproval with the oft-repeated argument that censorship of ero-manga will increase sex crimes.
Fumikane on the “catharsis” argument that porn reduces sex crime:

“I cannot abide the ero-manga catharsis theory – treating all ero-manga readers as potential sex criminals is not something I like.”

This is the argument that otaku are latent sex fiends and all that keeps them from raping little girls is the ready availability of such esteemed lolicon publications as LO. Ban their manga, and you unleash these perverts on your children, imply the advocates of this position.
Even such great mangaka as Kentaro Miura have fallen into the trap of espousing this hideous argument, his great mind perhaps dulled by too many hours spent idol fancying.

That great hive of actual sex criminals weighs in on the topic with its usual insight:

“Show me a human who isn’t a potential sex criminal!”
“It’s right – otaku are potential sex offenders. Take away their manga and they’ll start raping little girls.”
“It’s more like this:
Hysterical pro-censorship types: ‘It increases sex crimes so it should be banned!’
Clever censorship opponents: ‘There’s no data to support that hypothesis and no scientific basis to think that it would increase sex crimes.’
Normal censorship opponents: ‘Banning it may increase the number of rapes!’
Idiot censorship opponents: ‘Ban it and you’ll cause more rapes!’”

The “catharsis” argument is of course not only without any basis in fact, it also plays straight into the hands of censorship advocates by conceding that the ranks of the group being targeted are indeed filled with deviants and criminals, just as censorship advocates were shrieking all along.
It is for this reason that those defending murder simulators, the devil’s music and all the debauchery of the printed word are rarely caught saying their medium is all that is stopping more of their ranks from unleashing their murderous impulses on society.
It is hard to see why any ero-manga fans would not be well served by adopting the same position and refusing to acknowledge any supposed connection between their favoured art-form and the prevention or promotion of sex crimes.