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The history of Metal crafts

The earliest Chinese metal crafts, is a Neolithic metaphase Majiayao culture, Dawenkou Culture and later Qiao culture unearthed in the ruins of copper handicrafts. The appearance of gold crafts.

During the Warring States period, there are a variety of metal materials with and metal and non-metal materials ( jade, glass) produced by combining crafts. The Han Dynasty can produce exquisite gold and silver silk knitting, heaps and mosaic products. The Tang Dynasty was especially silver metal crafts crafts heyday, created the relief artistic effect of the gold and silver chisel process. In the song, yuan, Ming, Qing about thousands of years, as a result of smelting technology, the increase of metal materials, metal crafts had very great progress, not only has a variety of metals and a variety of materials and crafts, and of combining a variety of crafts. Chinese ancient famous metal crafts a Shang Dynasty bronzes, the Warring States of gold and silver, bronze mirrors and wrong in Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Xuan Delu jewelry cloisonne.

In twentieth Century 70 ~ 80 age, and the emergence of aluminum alloy, titanium, platinum and other metal products, and innovation of corroded filling paint, titanium cathode oxidation coloring and negative oxygen ion plating process. Chinese Tibetan, Mongolian, the minority such as the seedling of metal crafts are also very famous. Each historical period of the production organization is also each not same. In ancient times, metal crafts for kings and nobles enjoy, especially precious metal crafts, more for the court to feudal official handicraft industry monopoly. The Tang Dynasty since the development of metal materials, the appearance of civil production. The song has a silver shop. The folk increase production of silver. Ming, Qing two generations of folk metal handicraft relatively flourishing, mostly in the form of factory shop in front of the store, there are individual artisans Zoujiechuanhu manufacture. Nineteen fifties, produced by the factory, commercial department distribution.