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Metal crafts-Cloisonne

Metal crafts for cloisonne, porcelain, iron etc.. Today, particularly the introduction of cloisonne.

Cloisonne is endemic to the Beijing special arts and crafts of. Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, is this kind of handicraft heyday, and created the blue primarily style, so " Cloisonne" becomes the handicraft.

Cloisonne craft to the Qing Dynasty Qianlong period of unprecedented prosperity. At home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, in 1904 the United States of Chicago World Expo 1915 Panama world fair, won the first prize.

Cloisonne is a thin flat copper wire pinch into patterns, welding in the copper mold, then filling point color glaze, after firing. The crafts dazzling crystal, beautiful decoration. With vigorous, robust, splendid and elegant artistic features. A variety of bottle, bowl, plate, smoking, wine, sugar, metal box, lamp, cup, birds, beasts and all kinds of decorations and so on more than 60 kinds of.