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【Don't Give Up On Me】<<< Daniel Powter

I don't know what i did【我不知道我做过什么,
But most been a fool【但是很像一个愚蠢的人。
I got no excuses【我没有任何理由
So i wrote this song for you【所以我写这首歌给你
Whatever the reasons【无论什么原因
Did you come to say goodbye【你会回来说再见吗
I'm hoping for one more try【我一直希望能再来一次
I want to change your mind【我想要改变你的注意
So I pick up the pieces【所以我重整旗鼓
Swallow all my pride【收起我所有的骄傲
I don't wanna wake up【我不想要醒来
Feeling this emptiness inside【感觉这里面的空虚
Did it spinning around
Did it turn you upside down
I wonder when you found out【我想知道你什么时候发现
I'm a waste of your time【我是你生命里的一块荒地
So don't give up on me【所以别放弃我
(don't give up on me)
I never meant to steal your smile【我从来没有窃取你的微笑的想法
I haven't seen it for a while【我只是暂时没看见它
Don't don't give up on me
(don't give up on me)
Just try to understand【只是试着理解
I can be your better man【我可以是你更好的人
I tell you once just don't give up on me
I tell you once just don't give up on me

And now i feel i'm out of please【然而现在我感觉到我失去了你
I look for you on every stranger's face【我在每个陌生的脸上寻找你
I don't think i can do this any more【我想我不会再做这样的事了
Don't think i do this any more
And every little things just falls apart【每一个小事情只是分崩离析
From the very first that day i broke your heart【从一开始的那天,我就伤透了你的心
It only makes me want you more and more【它让我越来越需要你
Just like before【就像从前………………………………

2010-09-14 15:16:39
我自己试了一下也要缓冲蛮久||||||||||||||| 这个其实我也不懂要怎么用才好啦……
2010-09-14 15:22:04
2010-09-14 15:39:23