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Rainbow (translation)

The beautiful, colorful field of flowers

The rainbow that extends to a world of mystery

Shows a smile so delicate and fragile

That I would love to give up everything for

But rainbow, you're but an illusion

The distance has become so unbearable

Rainbow, O rainbow

Until I realize, I'm already back where I started

Even returning is unforgivable

What awaits?

A tearful sea of sorrow,

Or the end to the land of despair?

Even so, I do not regret;

Even were I to be in the freezing sunlight of winter

Dying cold

O, rainbow

O rainbow

Dearest rainbow

I shall be with you always, for eternity

translated by Loki. 29 Feburary 2012

© 2012 Loki
Mirage is also lovely.
2012-03-07 16:01:11