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Baradin hold strategy

Baradin Hold Introduction
(Requires Cataclysm)
Type: Raid
Players: 10/25
Level: 85
Required item level: 329
Baradin Hold Location: Tol Barad

Following the Second War, the ruined fortress of Baradin Hold on the
remote island of Tol Barad was converted into a prison for some of the
most dangerous forces on Azeroth. Yet with the devastation wrought by
the Cataclysm, the prison’s integrity has been compromised. Now as the
Horde and Alliance vie for supremacy on the island, the liberation of
its forgotten horrors may be at hand.
Battle between the Alliance and Horde rages throughout the
surrounding environment, but the inside of Baradin Hold stands silent –
and rightly so. Among some of the most deadly entities on Azeroth –
those too dangerous to chain above ground or exile from the island – are
locked inside the hold, only accessible to those who claim control of
Tol Barad.
Baradin Hold BOSSES: Argaloth,Alizabal,Occu’thar
Argaloth Introduction(Baradin Hold BOSSES)
Unable to contain the massive pit lord Argaloth in the cells of
Dalaran’s mighty Violet Hold, the magi of the Kirin Tor were left with
no choice but to confine the powerful demon beneath Tol Barad.
Level: 88 Boss
Health: 21.5M
Type: Demon
Location: Baradin Hold, Tol Barad
Consuming Darkness
The Shambling Doom inflicts 4000 Shadow damage and additional Shadow damage every 0.50 sec for 15 sec.
Fel Firestorm
The Fel Firestorm calls down a hail of Fel Fireballs, leaving a Fel Flame at the location for the duration of the Firestorm.
Meteor Slash
Deals 200000 Fire damage split between enemy targets within 65 yards
in front of the caster. Increases Fire damage taken to all targets
affected by 100%.

Alizabal Introduction(Baradin Hold BOSSES)
The Kirin Tor imprisoned Alizabal in their formidable Violet Hold not
long after corrupt magi summoned the shivarra into Azeroth. Despite
arcane wards restricting her powers, the demon’s malicious influence
alone caused her guards to murder one another in sudden fits of rage.
Her transfer to Baradin Hold prior to the Cataclysm has only aggravated
the ruined prison’s increasingly dire conditions. 
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