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Auction House Function of Diablo 3

Auction House Function of Diablo 3
The Diablo 3 auction house does still function, although you can only use
in-game gold to make purchases. Bashiok didn't say what the new. Have you heard
about the auction house?
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Of course, killing demons, evils and monsters is a good way to gain tens of
thousands random loot in Diablo 3. But with the feature of new Auction House,
gamers can equip their characters with the items that they are searching for.
Also, you can put items that you do not need for the gamers who are trying hard
to find the item that you have in the Auction House.

Almost every item you discover in Diablo 3, of course which include the
Diablo 3 gold, all can be directly swapped with other gamers or via the Auction
House. For example, if you are a witch doctor, you have just got a rare and
powerful axe which only barbarian can make use of. In the previous Diablo
editions, the best way to deal with this axe is to sell it to the vendor in the
game. But now in Diablo 3, with the Auction House, you can list the axe for
other players who use barbarian as their character to bid. You of course know
that other gamers will possibly value this axe much more than these heartless
vendors who will just melt the axe. With the function of Smart
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Auction House system can sort out the items based on the grades that are best
for your characters automatically.

You can choose either the Auction House that is based on Diablo 3 gold or
real money totally as you wish. The decision is based on each item. Both the two
choice are the same in function. Also, the gamers can sell their items they have
to those vendors in the game for Diablo 3. Besides, gamers can exchange items to
some other gamers via character to character trade system for some items and
Diablo 3 gold.

Blizzard has never planned to put items in Auction House for sale. The
purpose of Auction House is to give gamers preferred choice to deal with their
items. The exchange of items that are sold in Auction House will do between
gamers and gamers.

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House function, Blizzard community
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