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Know the Changes in Mists of Pandaria

Know the Changes in Mists of Pandaria

You'll be greeted with a new screen giving you the run down on some of the
biggest changes to your class coming in Mists of Pandaria. In October of 2011
Blizzard Entertainment announced their upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft:
Mists of Pandaria.
Know the Changes in Mists of Pandaria WoW Cata gold,
they threw everyone off and surprised us by introducing a new cartoon like panda
race called the Pandaria. This race was first introduced by Blizzard as an April
Fools joke during The Burning Crusade but Blizzard has revived the idea and the
kung-fu style panda bear race will be a reality in 2012.

If you're an avid or casual World of Warcraft player you might want to know
what to expect in the coming expansion. Without reading through dozens of panels
or news site to find the parts that are most important. So here they are.

New Dungeons and Battlegrounds
This is no surprise; there will be about a dozen new dungeons available and 3
new raids when MoP is released. Cataclysm gold, They are also working on 3 new
Battlegrounds with 3 new-to WoW playstyle. These include the Stranglethorn
Diamond Mines (Payload game play), Valley of Power (Murder ball) and Azshara
Crater (DOTA). A new Arena will be available in Tol'vir Proving Grounds.

Other stuff
Potion of Plunder - Allows you to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters
in Pandaria. There is a whole list of 'other stuff.' These are actually not
small by any means but I feel like if you want to fully understand what they are
another Hub would be needed. Wow patch 4.3 gold,
Know the Changes in Mists of
Pandaria these include a new Pet Battle system, PvE Challenges, Dungeon
Challenges and a completely new Talent System for all 11 character classes.

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