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The Chinese Element Drums will Appear in Mists of Pandaria

The Chinese Element Drums will Appear in Mists of Pandaria 

One of the elemental spirits has turned corrupted and needs to be put out of
its misery. Blizzard has something special planned for this year's gamecock. We
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The Chinese Element Drums will Appear in Mists of
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from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria during a special event at the European
gaming convention.

The cinematic will premiere on August 16th at 14:00. Blizzard will air it in
English and German on large screens on their booth. After the trailer concludes,
MANAO - Drums of China will perform. This all-female Chinese drumming group
gained global attention by performing at the opening and closing ceremonies of
the 2008 Olympic Games. I guess they're an appropriate choice for a musical
performance, considering that Mists of Pandaria has a pseudo-Chinese theme.

Pandaria, the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, introduces a new
continent of the same name. This mysterious land,
They are humanoid pandas
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Gold , home to the Panda-like humanoids known as Pandaren, will offer up new
challenges to high-level players. The usual raft of additional content
(dungeons, higher level cap, raids) will be accompanied by new features like pet
battles and challenge modes. Players will also have access to a new Monk class
and the Pandaren race.

When Pandaria was first announced, cynics assumed that the game's premise was
an attempt to shore up subscriptions over in China. The drum concert won't
disabuse people of that notion. Still, the whole "they put pandas in the game so
Chinese people would play" argument never held much water for me. It's like
assuming Americans would automatically buy a game with bald eagles.

This patch will also build on the social and auction house changes ..Wow Gold
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The Chinese Element Drums will Appear in Mists of Pandaria More
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you wow gold with irresistible price. Blizzard won't be holding a BlizzCon this
year so they're planning to have a big presence at gamescom. They're planning to
show off Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in addition to Pandaria.
They'll also hold BlizzCon-like activities like dance and costume contests.

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