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The Holy Paladin in Mists of Pandaria

Holy paladins have some questions as to where their healing is going in Mists
of Pandaria .Here's an overview of the talents (as they exist on Beta now) for
Holy Paladins in Mists of Pandaria. I do have some playstyle biases. This is
from a max level PvE healing perspective.
The Holy Paladin in Mists of
Pandaria cheap wow gold lvl 90, As well, I generally prefer passive
abilities to active ones. I already have a lot of buttons to press, more buttons
probably won't help me. So take my advice with a grain of salt.

Tier 1: Healing
Choices: Selfless Healer, Eternal Flame, Sacred Shield
With Selfless Healer, after Judging 3 times you get a free, instant,
super-powerful Flash Of Light. Eternal Flame is an upgraded Word of Glorgy,
tagging on a decent-sized HoT. The initial heal of Eternal Flame is exactly the
same as WoG, so Eternal Flame is a straight upgrade.

Sacred Shield is similar to our old Sacred Shield, but built slightly
different. To be honest, the old version was a bit confusing,
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is more straightforward. Sacred Shield is a "shield HoT". Every few seconds the
shield refreshes itself to its initial value.

Tier 2: Speed Increases
Choices: Speed of Light, Long Arm of the Law, Pursuit of Justice

Speed of Light is a large speed increase on a long cooldown. Long Arm of the
Law is a medium speed increase for a short time which you get every time you
Judge. Pursuit of Justice is constant increase, that also scales with Holy

My choice: Pursuit of Justice.
It's always on. A Holy Paladin doesn't need to Judge, so that would be an
extra button. Plus, if you play with 2 HP banked at all times, your speed will
be a minimum of 125%, and often 130%. That's more than enough to keep you moving
out of the fire quickly.

Tier 3: Crowd Control
Choices: Fist of Justice, Repentance, Burden of Guilt

Fist of Justice allows you to stun twice as often. Repentance is proper crowd
control. Burden of Guilt adds a significant slow to your Judgement.

My choice: Repentance.

Good CC is always useful when running instances. Burden of Guilt requires
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gold us, so that's out. Fist of Justice is useful, but stunning is often
less useful in PvE. However, on specific fights, especially in raids where
things are immune to CC, a shorter CD stun might be very useful.

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