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Wow Suggestions on Bringing Achievements to the Account Level

Wow Suggestions on Bringing Achievements to the Account Level

World of Warcraft, most of the achievements are account-wide which
means players only earn the points once.
We recently added account-level changes to achievements in World of Warcraft:
Mists of Pandaria, and there’s still a lot of work left before we’re
done. The plan here is to illustrate the intent behind our design, which should
in turn help you figure out the answers to many of your questions.
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Will accumulated wins contribute to the Veteran achievements of specific

I have 80 WSG wins on Cynwise, but 253 on my extant toons. Will victories be
rolled up into a single total like Honorable Kills, or not?

Will the individual BG Master achievements be treated as
However, and this is important, you will still see the achievement toast (the
pop-up notification) if a second or subsequent character completes the
achievement. We think it’s still important to recognize milestones like reaching
level 80, maxing out a profession, or killing a raid boss for the first time.
It's fun to have everyone congratulate you when you get the toast.Wow Gold,
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Will PvP reputation be additive?
I am about halfway through the absolutely brutal and ever-worsening Justicar
grind on Cynwise; will the rep I earn on other characters apply? I’ve played in
522 WSGs and 410 ABs on my non-deleted toons, but only 202/234 with Cynwise.
Will reputation across toons be added like HKs?
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Will Battlemaster even be a Meta-achievement? There are no guarantees
here! Things change in development. Some metas may get left out due to coding
constraints; others due to policy discussions. To preserve prestige,
Battlemaster might be deemed an achievement which needs to be done on a single
toon, perhaps like the Insane.

Do players have any other better suggestions
world of Warcraft? We’d
love to share.
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