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Arenas With Hunters in World of Warcraft

Some players always say hunter is weak in arena, really?

A common misconception among players who only put healers on focus and never CC DPS. The hex is for if a trap gets eaten by a DPS or for creating 3v1s. Hex dps 1 + trap on healer + kidney on kill target. You'll get trinkets every time. Line them up again and you just CCd and entire team from long range and no body can peel for your kill target. Also don't forget there are TONs of teams (especially low-mid ladder) that won't have a decurse. So you're free to hex dps constantly to relieve pressure. Disc Fear is powerful but not easy to use. Most priests at the ratings you guys play at will run in for a fear, and get rofl'd for running into the open. Forcing you to use CDs to save him that you otherwise wouldn't have.

Priest in World of Warcraft is good at high ratings when played with precise positioning, but up to mid-high duelist ratings the shaman works FAR better because his CC allows him to keep good positioning far away. Also tremor totem is amazing for when you are still learning. It allows leniency for positioning mess ups, as well as grounding totem to stay out of CCs.

Against lock/sham your priest can't make mistakes at all. One double/triple howl and it's over for your hunter. With a shaman, you can recover from minor mistakes like this. - Wow Gold For World of warcraft Alliance, Wow Alliance Gold

On the subject of PHD, it's a great comp when played by good players or better, however it's a piss poor ladder comp. Melee cleaves, and rogue cleaves will eat the DK alive, especially if he's a low rated player and can't kite like a monster.Buying cheapest Uk/Eu server wow gold, instant uk wow gold delivery, 15%~45% lower price, 24/7 all day support.

So take it from me someone who has ran all these comps in the 2.2k-2.4k range regularly, or you can listen to the 1800 players. Your choice. Right now with decent gear, Rsham/MM/sub is the best low-mid ladder comp to exist for hunters outside of triple dps. It's also a great high end comp, but high end priests will edge out especially for mage stomping.

This is also the comp the hunter hero Rykiniaz is running at the next NAO tournament with the awesome sauce Metaphorz because it's so strong. ( Bankofwow Gold ) ( Our Game Center ) ( PBT Online Gold ) ( World of Warcraft PanadaRen )