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Best AOE Class in Diablo 3

AoE is a generalterm for effects, skills, spells or abilities that will affect an area, thisarticle will talk something about the
best AOE class in Diablo 3.
Area of Effectspells are sometimes referred to as Area of Denial attacks, since they occupysome portion of the screen and deny access, forcing players to move elsewhere. diablo 3 gold )
The Wizard is agreat AOEer.
It has a lot of AOE spellsto choose from right from the get go.
Combined with the power of being able to teleport around, the Wizard isone of the strongest classes for AOE (aside from it’s obvious weakness of beinga softy caster).
Take a look at thisbuild which you can essentially use to jump into a bunch of mobs, Frost Novathem, Teleport out, and then Blizzard them down.
The Barbarian isan elite melee AOEer.
It has the hugeadvantage over the Wizard in that it can take a huge beat down from mobs anddoesn’t have to use the types of avoidance tatics that a Wizard will in orderto not die.
Take a look at this buildwhich you can use to pull mobs to you, Cleave them, and then Whirlwind them.
An AoE spell oreffect does not need to cause damage. It can give nearby players a buff, givemonsters a debuff, or be a combination of the above. Some AoE effects willaffect the environment, which in turn effects anyone walking in to thatenvironment.
The end-game AoEMonk will surely be defined by their Wave of Light spell which uses 100 Spiritand throws a total of 480% damage out to all enemies in front of them. You mayalso see Lashing Tail Kicks flying around, which is a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick that hits and knocks back nearby enemies.
In order togenerate all this rage Monks may use Sweeping Wind which applies an AoE dot andgenerates 6 spirit per attack, Exploding Pain which will cause dying targets toexplode dealing 30% of their health to nearby enemies or perhaps Crippling , aspirit generating ability that causes 110% weapon damage to all enemies infront of the Monk with the chance to snare and debuff their ability to fightback.
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