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Best Farming Place in Diablo 3 Inferno

There are many
good place to farm gold in D3, then what’s the
best farming place in Diablo 3 inferno?

Basically you
need a good weapon from the AH for about 10-50 k and some good gear from Hell.
Depending on your class you just need to farm good 57 gear, because as
Deamonhunter or as Wizard (damge dealer or DD) it is completely normal to get
oneshot at least in Act 2 and above, so just adjust your playing style.You
cannot kill every Elite in Inferno, as there are very very nasty combinations.
Mages struggle with Reflect Damage especially in combination with Increased
Health. 3 gold )

---If you are
unable to do the above ask in the chat if someone can help you with one or two
Leoric runs. Currently many people are stuck with act 1 as you need really good
gear for everything above.

---If you have
friends that are level 60 already, just ask them for some items or if you can
join on some Leoric runs. Usually a good level 60 damage dealer can easily
output the required DPS.

---If you are a
tank and no one is willing to tag you along then ask in general chat for cheap
gear. Many people, me included, have a ton of decent items that they cannot
sell in the AH because of inflation and limited auctions.


Don't worry if
you don't have a gold find set, go on the AH and buy the cheapest gold find
gear set with minimum 10+ Gold Find for each item, try to get them for under
10k, Since we won't be directly attacking any mobs, Class stats are optional we
only care about Gold Find

Best farming place in Diablo 3 inferno:

I am sure
everyone is familiar with the Royal Crypts dungeon, it is the best place to
farm in inferno, also which is the last area before the Skeleton King boss
fight. diablo 3 gold )

Other tips:

1.You can expect
with 100% Gold Find 10k gold per 2min run

2.The 300k/hr is
not including any Gem's, Item's and Tomes that drop which can provide a
significant boost to income.

3.Why Magic Find?
You can expect anywhere between 1-3 chests per run, which is another reason why
Magic Find is a bonus however it entirely optional as +GF and +MF on the same
item is quite expensive to buy on the AH.

4.Also if you are
running with a class that has summon abilities, use them while you are running
the route as they will kill the skeletons which provide more gold and item

There are also
some other good place to farm Diablo 3 gold, if players want to know more
information about this, just check on diablo 3 gold ) 3 gold )