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Fastest Way to Level to 60 in Diablo 3

There are manystrategies on leveling in Diablo 3, this article will tell players the
fastest way to level to
60 in Diablo 3.

Don’t be Afraidto Repeat Quests or Acts

Using thisexperience chart below, it is perfectly fine and can help you out majorly andsave you time in getting to 60 and Inferno. Nobody wants to be so weak thatthey end up corpse running their way through most acts, simply leveling orspending time in acts that are easier can net you more gear and more levelswhich will make you stronger and give you access to more skills.

Get Gear off theAuction House It’s Cheaper Than You Think!

I made thismistake on my Barbarian. When I beat Diablo on Hell I had a lot of items thatwere level 40 still when I was level 60. Don’t do this, upgrade your gearperiodically for your level and use the auction house if you have to. I wentaround Hell with a 300 damage 1 hand weapon when there were cheap ones on theauction house for 600, this was a serious upgrade and made my life easier.

Other tips

1.Buy a SocketedHelm. The first thing you want to do is to buy a socketed helm off off theauction house and then also buy the best ruby or put any ruby in the helm thatyou can.
What this does is increases theexperience you get per enemy kill from 5-31% depending on the quality of theruby you add. What does this mean? This means you’ll level to 60 faster. Not5-31% faster because there is quest experience in the game but if you have aruby in your helm that gives you 20% experience bonus per kill, you’ll level to60 10% faster.

2.Redo Act
1 in Nigthmare at least once. Act 1 seems tonet the most levels and experience and is one of the easiest to clear throughso when you get to Nightmare do it again. This is important in leveling speed(don’t die). I spent most of my time on my first character running back afterdying to elites non-stop. The extra levels will allow you to buy better gearoff the auction house to advance through the rest of Nightmare without dying.

3.Skip elites ifthey look impossible. I’ve gone through dungeon levels before with my Barbarianand Witch Doctor where there are elites there’s just no way you’re going to beatin any short order of time. Even if the enemies follow you, once you reach a checkpointyou can quit the game and resume to start where you left off. Do not waste timewith elites and rares if your goal is to get to
Level to
60 in Diablo3

But leveling requires a lotof gold, especially at the start of the game, players are don’t know how and
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