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Guides and Tips on Diablo 3 Molten

Molten is areward that will appear on monsters groups, here will offer some
guides and tips on Diablo 3 Molten
Molten is amonster bonus that may appear on monsters groups. The monsters have an orangeglow and leave fire and magma behind as they walk, which deals damage toplayers. They deal fire damage and after being killed they have a chance ofleaving a fireball that explodes after a few seconds.
Champion and Raremonsters and their minions of level 8 and above can be spawned with the Moltentrait.
Monsters willleave a trail of lava in their wake and characters and their minions will takefire damage if they stand in it. In addition Rare and Champion monsters ondying will explode in a ball of fire, dealing additional AOE fire damage. Theirminions do not explode on death.
Jailer + molten as a Barbarian in Inferno. Is thisfun for anyone?
Just kill themwhen they jail you. Or use charge to get out of jail. If you can't kill themthen maybe you're not ready for inferno yet, farm hell a bit more! Most of theboss affixes are just awful mechanics that can't be avoided (jailer) or doovertuned damage (molten) so that the only way to survive it is to buy gearfrom content far beyond your own point of progression in order to overcome it.It doesn't mean you're not good enough to qualify to play Diablo, despite whatmany idiots on various forums would imply (some people just feel better aboutthemselves if they can find an excuse to call someone else bad), it's just badgame design.
Molten Impact isthe Crimson Runestone Effect Of The Wizard Skill Meteor. Increase the damage ofthe meteor impact to 396% weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 65%weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. diablo 3 gold )
How can I survive the molten in inferno?
Molten is prettyeasy to handle with ignore pain life leech and a lot of damage. If you're onlydoing act 1, I'd suggest using wrath of the berserker - insanity with any callof the ancients rune and ignore pain. The other skills are up to you, butwarcry is strongly recommended. You should be able to kill normal monsterspretty easy with ignore pain and some other healing skill, and for the bosspacks pop all your cooldowns and once and kill them fast, using ignore painwhen your life gets to about half.
Molten can hurt,but ignore pain lets you take a lot more punishment from stuff like desecrator,molten and arcane, and honestly it's the best heal we have unless you arecrit-whirlwind specced. The cooldown is the major downside to it, but it goesnicely with revenge or overpower, or perhaps with furious charge.
Players can alsosell this item at good price on Diablo 3 AH, which always in high demand