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Guides andStrategies on Tomes in Diablo 3

Tomes are veryimportant and useful for players, experts on will offer guides and strategies on tomes in Diablo 3and help players to be more powerful in game.

In Diablo III,tomes will be available just like in previous games, and probably an a lot morecommon sight than in Diablo II. The main difference here is that the tome willbe saved with the character, and you can listen to the contents of it whileplaying. You will not have to stop and wait for a block of text to pass by.

Tome ofTraining that is used by Blacksmiths to train and increase the mastery of theircraft. Tomes of Blacksmithing can be acquired through random loot drops in Helldifficulty or through the Auction House.

Guides and strategies on tomes in Diablo 3Pages ofTraining – These appear as pieces of parchment with words and diagramsinscribed on them. There is a red dot on the top left corner of the Pages ofTraining which make them instantly noticeable even when you are speed levelingin Diablo 3. On combining 5 pages of training, a Tome of Training shall becreated which is used to train Mystics, Jewelers and Blacksmiths. Pages ofTraining are available from Level 1. You can stack a maximum of 100 Pages ofTraining.

Tomes ofTraining- When five Pages of Training are combined, a Tome of Training isformed. The icon appears as a thick old book positioned at an angle. You cantake a Tome of Training to an Artisan to train him/her. Click on the Train tabof your chosen Artisan and the wisdom of the book will train him/her intocreating higher value items and other special abilities. These are also validfrom Level 1 and have a maximum stackable limit of 20.

Do tomes of jewelcrafting/blacksmithing drop in inferno mode?

Tomes ofSecrets are the only Tome drops in Inferno. You'll need to use the AuctionHouse or go back to Hell to get Tomes of Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting.

Where can I farm Pages/Tomes of Crafting?

TotalBlacksmith Leveling Cost and Materials:

593,000 gold

50 Page ofBlacksmithing

50 Tome ofBlacksmithing

35 Tome ofSecrets

Total JewelerLeveling Cost and Materials:

140,000 gold

20 Page ofJewelcrafting

20 Tome ofJewelcrafting

40 Tome ofSecrets

Rather, pagesand tomes seem to drop randomly the same as with potions and gems.Champions/uniques/bosses seem to have a much higher chance of dropping themthan regular mobs, as do chests (particularly Resplendent Chests), but it isnot 100%. However, I frequently receive both jewelry and blacksmithing pagesfrom the same chest, so it appears the chances of either type dropping areindependent of each other.

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