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How and Where to Get Valor Points in World of Warcraft

Valor Points is
very important for players, which is rewarded by joining in PVE content, like
raids, and players can use it to exchange good weapon, then
how and where to get valor points in Wow?

Valor Points are
the upper-level currency rewarded for participating in PvE encounters,
typically raids. The lower-level PvE currency, rewarded from Heroic mode
dungeons, is awarded in the form of Justice points.

Valor Points are
the higher of the two tiers of PvE currency, and are rewarded for completing
random heroic dungeons and defeating raid bosses. Cataclysm Heroic bosses, any
random Heroics after the first seven, as well as the your first random normal
dungeon each day, reward
Justice Points.

How and where to get valor points in Wow
Players can
receive 150 for the first seven random Heroic dungeons completed each week.
They can also receive 250 for completing each part of Dragon Soul on LFR
difficulty weekly. In addition, Dragon Soul bosses on normal and hardmode
difficulty award 100 each.


Justice Points
are awarded for defeating bosses in Burning Crusade and Wraith of the Lich King
dungeons and raids (up to level 80). Dungeons and raids below level 70 do not
award Justice Points. Justice Points will also be rewarded for defeating bosses
in Cataclysm dungeons and also for completing any dungeon that was initated by
using the Dungeon Finder tool. To avoid stockpiling of Justice Points once
content has been “out-leveled” players will no longer be awarded any points for
it. For example players level 81 and above will receive no Justice Points for
participating in any Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King content.


Looking to spend
your hard earned Justice Points? Justice Points can be exchanged at a vendor
known as the “Justice Quartermaster”. Once a vendor has been located players
will be able to purchase armor, weapons, and other rewards including Heirloom
items (Heirloom vendors can be found near any of the above listed venders) in
exchange for their Justice Points. Some examples of current rewards purchasable
with Justice Points can be found below:

Where to
spendvalor points in Wow?

Both major
capital cities (Stormwind and Orgrimmar) house a vendor area that includes, in
addition to three Justice Point vendors, a Valor Quartermaster.

Alliance vendor area is
located in Old Town of Stormwind, near the Human Hunter trainer. The Valor
Quartermaster is Faldren Tillsdale. Orgrimmar's vendor area is found in the
Valley of
Strength; Jamus'Vaz is the Valor
Quartermaster here.

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